Container Bussiness

Guangzhou Port's container business is mainly distributed in 8 container terminals under the jurisdiction of Nansha Port Area, Xinsha Port Area and Huangpu Port Area, including Nansha Port Co., Ltd. (Nansha Phase I), Guangzhou Nansha Oceangate Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (Nansha Phase II) and Nansha Container Terminal Branch Company (Nansha Phase III); Xinsha Port Co., Ltd., located in Xinsha Port Area; Guangzhou Container Terminal Co., Ltd., Huangpu Port Branch Company, Dongjiangkou Terminal Co., Ltd. and Longsha Logistic Co., Ltd. in Huangpu Port Area. 
Nansha Port Phase I, II and III operate 16 specialized container deep-water berths with capacity of 150,000 tons and above, holding a main coastline of 5718 meters and the water depth of 17 meters, accommodating the world largest container ships. The Port Area is rich in shoreline resources and is equipped with special barge berths, at a barge shoreline of 2,730 meters long, providing strong support for water-water transfer. Nansha Port Area mainly operates south-north internal trade liner routes and international liner routes. By the end of 2019, Nansha Port Area has launched 111 foreign trade liner routes, including 21 ones to Africa and 43 ones to Southeast Asia, as the main hub port leading to Africa and Asia. Guangzhou Container Terminal Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional container terminals in China, operating three 50,000-70,000-ton berths with 659 meters of coastline and another 5,000-ton barge berth with 150 meters of berthing coastline. It is mainly engaged in the operation of foreign trade liner routes, East China domestic trade liner routes and Hong Kong and Macao barges. Xinsha Port Co., Ltd. runs three 70,000-ton container berths with 640 meters of coastline. It mainly operates the main Chinese domestic trade routes between North China and South China as well as the Hong Kong and Macao routes. Huangpu Port Branch is equipped with three 30,000-ton container berths, with 530 meters of coastline, mainly engaged in Chinese domestic trade liner routes and Hong Kong and Macao barges.