The 3rd Anniversary of Listing of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. in A-share MBM

On the evening of March 30, 2020, Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. disclosed its 2019 annual report. Last year, its operating income reached 10.420 billion yuan, increasing by 20.57% year-on-year, and its net profit attributable to shareholders of listed company was 850 million yuan, at a growth rate of 18.30% year-on-year. From 2017 to 2019, Guangzhou Port's container throughput has increased by 20.16%. The operating income increased by 7.37%, 4.03% and 20.57% on a year-on-year basis respectively, and its net profit attributable to shareholders of listed company increased by 3.90%, 3.11% and 18.30% on a YoY basis respectively. In the past three years, Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. has took the listing as an opportunity to firmly seize the policy advantages from the national B&R initiative, the GHMGBA strategy, and the construction of Guangzhou's international shipping hub, thereby continuously enhancing its comprehensive competitiveness.

Back on March 29, 2017, with a clear gong ringing in the hall of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. (Stock name: Guangzhou Port, stock code: 601228. SH) was officially listed in the A-share Main Board Market, at a financing scale of 1.6 billion yuan, providing better financial support for Nansha Phase III development, becoming the largest IPO project in Nansha District at that time and creating a new milestone in the development of Guangzhou Port.

Achieving a zero breakthrough, Guangzhou Port has become a giant in the capital market within three years. Over the past three years, Guangzhou Port has acquired 100% equity of Dongjiangkou Terminal, shifted its position from a trusted administrator to the owner thereof, properly solved the problem of competition among peers, and fulfilled its listing promise. Guangzhou Port has taken steps to optimize the port resources. Through investment, Guangzhou Port have been the shares holder and controller of Maoming Guangzhou Port, Guangzhou Jinyang Port, Zhongshan Port and Shipping Group, Foshan Gaoming Port Haikou Port, Yunfu City Gangsheng Port Company and other ports. Guangzhou Port promotes capital market operations and has issued 1.2 billion yuan of corporate bonds. The Company also cooperated with GPG to jointly establish a finance company. The Company launched the land transfer and storage business in Huangpu Hongshengsha, and obtained 4.1214 billion yuan of cash consideration through the activation of land resources to provide financial support for the subsequent relocation and development of its terminals. it also makes positive returns to its investors, by distributing a cumulative cash dividend of 688 million yuan, thereby sharing the success of enterprise development with investors. The Company has elevated its internal control system as a listed company and upgraded its the internal control system of the headquarters. The Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors and Shareholders' General Meeting of the Company operate efficiently and steadily, and the governance structure and level have been continuously optimized. Last year, the Company won the "Gold Quality Governance Award for Listed Companies", was entitled as one of the "Top 100 Service Companies in Guangdong Province" and the "Grade AAA Business Administration Innovation Demonstration Base in Guangdong" and passed the "National Grade AAA Enterprise Credit Certification".

Over the three years since its listing, Guangzhou Port has driven the construction of Guangzhou's international shipping hub to a new level. Guangzhou Port ranks the fifth place in the world, in terms of cargo and container throughput.

Route Expansion Promotes International Exchange and Cooperation

Last year, the Company increased 8 container routes, developed an East America route for the first time and increased a Northern Europe route. Guangzhou Port has operated total 156 container routes till now, including 111 foreign trade routes, and has set up 6 overseas offices in the United States, Singapore and other places, established 30 inland ports, run 67 "shuttle bus" lines and 10 sea-rail intermodal trains. In addition, the Company has also actively cooperated with Asian countries and regions along "the Belt and Road initiative" and has become an important hub port from the GHMGBA to Africa, Asia and other regions. Currently, the Company has operated 91 routes along the direction of "the Belt and Road initiative".

Capital Operation Connects with the Port Groups in GHMGBA

The Company has continuously made further efforts to cooperate with the ports within the Bay Area. Through capital cooperation, the Company has successfully utilized port resources distributed respectively in Maoming, Zhongshan, Foshan, Yunfu and other places, initially realizing connectivity between the three major port clusters: the Pearl River Delta, East Guangdong and West Guangdong, helping the development of the Bay Area and building a world-class port cluster linking Hong Kong and Macao, connecting Xijiang River and serving Pan-Pearl River Delta.

Major Projects Provide Development Potential and Driving Force

The Company is involved in continuous upgrading of port capacity and scale by construction of major projects. Over the past three years since its listing, the Company has launched total 17 major construction projects above the municipal level, with a total investment of over 37 billion yuan, including the Nansha Port Area Phase III with an investment of 6.517 billion yuan, the Nansha Port Area Phase IV project with an investment of 6.974 billion yuan, the Nansha Grain and General Terminal Berth Extension with an investment of 1.774 billion yuan, the Xinsha Port Area Phase II with an investment of 1.863 billion yuan, the Nansha International Logistics Center South Section with an investment of 1.875 billion yuan, and the Nansha International Logistics Center North Section with an investment of 1.665 billion yuan.

Fulfilling Social Responsibility Shows the Mission of an International Megaport

As a state-owned listed company, Guangzhou Port has always followed the leadership of the CPC, optimized the CPC team building, brought into play the unique advantages of the CPC organs and branches in state-owned enterprises, and provided strong political support for the transformation and upgrading of the port. the Company has always kept its responsibility sense in mind as an international megaport and actively performed the social responsibilities as a listed company. It persistently accelerates the construction of green and intelligent ports, promotes the renovation of wharf and shore power facilities, drives the application of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, and participates in targeted assistance for many years in succession. Relying on measures such as industry-based poverty alleviation and education-oriented poverty alleviation, the Company has helped to lift the poor population out of poverty precisely. (Suo Yingxin)