Guangzhou Port: Opening Five International Liner Routes Within Ten Days

On March 7, the Pingda vessel with a capacity of 1708 TEUs was successfully anchored at Nansha Phase III Container Terminal, marking the first voyage to Nansha Port Area in the WHL new Vietnam-Thailand route CV6. This has been the fifth international liner route opened by Guangzhou Port within 10 consecutive days since the new Heung-A route was berthed on February 27.

On the basis of strict control of the Epidemic, Guangzhou Port has made every effort to keep smooth import and export international trade flow.

At present, it is a critical period to fight the Epidemic and resume production activities. Transportation of epidemic prevention materials, import and export of international trade enterprises, and purchase of raw materials by export-oriented processing trade enterprises all urgently need the important support of port logistics channels. As an important logistics hub in South China, Guangzhou Port undertakes the important task of ensuring the national economy and people's livelihood. During the Spring Festival, Guangzhou Port Group's business departments enhanced internal communication through video conference every day, insisted on long-distance marketing, WeChat marketing and normal marketing activities, thereby keeping continuous working intensity, responsibility and consistent quality. The Company also made further effort to communicate with key manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta, collected their demands, tracked their production progress and import and export arrangements in real time; on the other hand, it discussed with shipping houses how to develop perfect logistics solutions for manufacturers according to schedule and new route arrangements, and fully guaranteed port cargo transportation services. What are the routes newly opened in Guangzhou Port? There are five new routes, including Heung-A Route SCS, KLINE's "Japan Express" Ro-Ro Middle East Export Route, Sea and Land Maersk Russia - Southeast Asia Route PH5, New Hae Fung Vietnam-Thailand Route SVT1, and WHL Vietnam-Thailand New Route.

"The newly opened routes during this period are mainly targeted at Southeast Asia, which is not only of positive significance to Guangzhou's regional economy, but also serves the integration of GHMGBA. At present, Guangzhou Port Nansha Port Area has achieved full coverage of ports in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar, thereby effectively promoting in-depth cooperation between GHMGBA and ASEAN countries, in terms of capacity, connectivity and strategic partnership." Said Song Xiaoming, the deputy general manager of Guangzhou Port Group.

"It's the right time to ship goods via Nansha." The continuously optimized business climate is attracting eyes to Nansha Port Area.

During the period when COVID-19 impacts the domestic and foreign economy, customers and foreign trade liners choose Guangzhou Port and Nansha Port Area in consideration of their stable, reliable and cost-effective port logistics service, which is closely related to Nansha Port area's location advantages, efficient and convenient port operation and customs clearance convenience.

During the COVID-19 epidemic period, Guangzhou Port Group's major ports maintain uninterrupted operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In response to the urgent needs of customers and their wishes, the Company adjusted commercial policy twice. It was the first port in China to announce the extension of the free stacking period for import and export of goods and also provision of free stacking service of empty containers, with the aims of reducing the cost pressure for import and export companies, and helping customers overcome difficulties together. Secondly, Guangzhou Port has made further efforts in organization of production, ensured the priority operation and transportation for anti-epidemic relief materials within the port, and taken preferential measures such as appropriate reduction and exemption of port operation fees to fully ensure the smooth supply of anti-epidemic materials, thus effectively fulfilling the responsibilities and obligations as a state-owned enterprise. In addition, with the help of Internet, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, Guangzhou Port Logistics Company upgraded its shipping agency business from the traditional window & counter service to a new "online" model, thereby allowing customers to remotely operate and pay via mobile terminal. Guangzhou Port's online business hall recognizes that any shopping documents are applicable and acceptable within the whole GPG, if accepted by any port therein; Depending on functions of online remote documentation and mobile payment, the online business hall allows customers to operate all business at mobile terminal, without carrying a large amount of written materials, queuing at site, and writing for stamping and charging fees. It is shown from statistic data, up to now, the shipping agency's online business hall has successfully completed business for 1,902 barges, carrying 3.02 million tons.

Customs clearance at ports is also regarded as an important step in import and export logistics procedures. To ensure smooth customs clearance at ports, Guangzhou Port has actively strengthened coordination with customs offices, maritime affairs administrations, electronic ports committee and other port authorities. It has set up a working team specially for optimizing business climate, in cooperation with the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Nansha District Port Office, Nansha Customs Office, etc. thereby promoting "declaration in advance", "two-step declaration" and "ship-side direct lading", and driving foreign trade enterprises' resume of production activities under a high standard of port business climate. The Company works with the electronic port company to ensure the "integrated window" service and the paperless system development, and to unblock the online remote office channel. The Company makes a plan for the berthing and unberthing of ships, together with the maritime safety administration, and makes use of the existing anchorage resources to ensure the smooth progress of the barge operation of ships and fully support the safe entry and exit of ships.

It is reported that Nansha Customs, in addition to providing normal customs clearance service at weekends and holidays in ports, has specially taken 13 measures to help enterprises resume production in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, and realized "contactless" online customs services by "Internet + Customs" model. Moreover, the Company takes further measures in customs inspection service. According to the customs clearance requirements of enterprises, the Company is capable of inspecting upon arrival of goods, allowing declaration of cargo in advance, inspection and release in batches", therefore enterprises are allowed to perform online pre-declaration before arrival of goods, and customs conduct pre-examination on the declaration materials in advance. Upon arrival of goods at the port, they not requiring inspection can be are diverted without inspection and lifted off the ship directly. The goods needing to be inspected can be quickly inspected mechanically. The customs provide inspection services when the consignor and consignee are not present in the port, thus effectively reducing the customs clearance time for fresh goods. (Ke Xia and Zou Jingqi)