As a Case of “Guizhou Cargo Going Abroad by Sea”, the First Batch of Geely Automobiles Manufactured in Guizhou Is Exported to the Philippines From Guangzhou Port (Picture)

On October 27, 200 Geely VX11 Haoyue Automobiles manufactured in Guizhou were smoothly loaded onto “Voyage Harmony 2” roll-roll ship called at Guangzhou Port Xinsha Branch for shipment to Philippines. 

It is reported that Haoyue is manufactured by Guizhou Geely Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. which is an automobile manufacture base built by Geely Holding Group for strategy of the central and westernthe regions development as well as one of the main production bases of new energy vehicles. The shipping of Haoyue Automobiles marks a starting point for the sales of goods from the Guiyang Base of Geely to the overseas market with a new breakthrough point and market growth point. 

Since this year, with the marketing strategy of “stabilizing domestic trades and expanding exports”, Xinsha Port has actively promoted a new roll-roll liner route, and strictly controlled quality of loading and unloading and storage. It has also positively maintained close communications with main engine plants within the hinterland, gained the latest export news to meet their export demands. By the end of October, Xinsha Port had exported a total of more than 30,000 automobiles, 16% increase yoy, including 3,000 Geely automobiles with gradually increasing proportion in foreign trade export. It is understood that Philippines is the first country where Haoyue is exported with the total shipments expecting to exceed 700 automobiles plus the amount of the last two month of the year, thus shipments of automobiles in Guangzhou Port will exceed 4,000. (Su Jieyu)