Launching of Nansha Phase III Import “Paperless” Documentation Service

Nansha Phase III  Import Documentation Service was duly launched Online on November 1, supporting pick-up service onlineof ordinary containers, ultra-demention containers, refrigerated containers at present. Shipping companies that are available include Wan Hai Lines (WHL), Interasia Lines (IAL) and TS Lines (TSL) acted by Guangzhou Port Unitrans Agency Co., Ltd.
After releasing goods and containers by agency online, customers can handle the business of picking up containers with goods or picking up containers with goods and return empty containers through inputting B/L number and DO checking code on the import documentation service module of Nansha Phase III online service platform. 
With the launching of the online import dodumentation service, the Nansha Phase III online service platform of Paperless Documentation Project has been roughly completed. Data link between terminals and shipping agencies has realized the sharing of electronic information on B/L and EIR, reduced the convey and use of paper documents and saved manpower, material resources and time cost. (Zhan Yuman)