Cargo and Container Throughput of Guangzhou Port Group Increased by 15.3% and 7.3% Respectively in November (Picture)

In November 2020, Guangzhou Port Group focused on the prevention and control of the epidemic and the coordinated management of production organizations. It did solid work to fight the tough battle of production in the fourth quarter. The production of containers, ores, grain, commercial vehicles and other goods was in good condition. In November, the cargo throughput increased by 15.3% year on year and the container throughput increased by 7.3% year on year, achieving double growth.
Deepening Cooperation and Further Optimizing Business Environment
On November 5, Guangzhou Customs and the Group’s innovative “Bay Area-Port Integrated Customs Clearance” project was officially launched. It has been popularized and implemented in 6 barge terminals including Foshan South port Terminal, Jiaoxin Terminal, Beijiao Terminal, Rongqi Terminal, Leliu Terminal and Sanrong Terminal. For import and export goods, all customs clearance procedures could be gone through at one time at inland ports, thus realizing “7 × 24” hours fast customs clearance for import and export goods transferred through Nansha Port.
Expanding New Growth Point of Business with Precision Marketing
The leaders of the Guangzhou Port Co. Ltd. led the team to communicate with customers of various goods, understand the macro-environment of relevant goods market and the operation situation of customers, and strengthen business cooperation.
In November, the container throughput of the Group reached 1.965 million TEU, up 7.3% year on year. They grasped the opportunity of booming volume and price in the centralized transportation market, encouraged shipping companies to use Guangzhou Port as an empty container transportation center, opened up the shipping logistics chain for hinterland import and export enterprises, and promoted the steady growth of foreign trade container throughput. Domestic shipping companies continued to increase their routes and capacity in Guangzhou Port. In November, monthly container throughput and one-day container operation of Nansha Phase III both reached new heights.
Regarding ro-ro business, they organized the “Auto International Trade Center Policy Publicity Activity in Guangdong Nansha Free Trade Zone” jointly with the Port Office of Nansha Area during the Guangzhou International Auto Show, and actively promoted the ro-ro business of Guangzhou Port. In November, the loading and unloading volume of commercial vehicles increased by 25% on a year-on-year basis, and the cumulative completion volume achieved positive growth for the first time. Regarding grain, terminals adopt various measures to promote production through efficient marketing.
Make Key Construction Projects Sprint for the Fourth Quarter with Full Power
From January to November, the investment completion rate of 14 key municipal projects undertaken by the Group was 105.1%, and the overall progress of the projects was carried out smoothly. On the 15th, the capping of the main structure of the comprehensive office building of Guangzhou Port Nansha Port Area Phase IV Project was officially completed. On the 19th, the truck carrying the first batch of refrigeration equipment mainframe slowly drove into the site of the first phase of Nansha International Cold Chain Project. The first batch of refrigeration equipment in the machine room began to enter the site for installation. The project officially entered the sprint phase of equipment installation. The planned construction period for equipment installation and commissioning in the machine room was five months. The expansion project of Nansha Grain General Terminal in Guangzhou Port has completed 80% of the foundation treatment and the annual target task was achieved ahead of schedule. (Text by Zhu Jiaming and Zhu Junkun, Picture by Port Media)