2H 04 Min From Unloading to Market, Nansha Cherry Express Sped UP Again(Picture)


The 2020-2021 annual Chile cherry season has started, and the red Chile cherries has crossed the ocean and met the Chinese consumers. On December 30, the first cherry express ship “CSCL ASIA” loaded with 2800 tons of Chile cherries in 136 containers has been anchored off in the berth of Phase II of Nansha Port Area. This year, the incomparable “Nansha Speed” is improved again to 2 hours and 4 minutes to accomplish the unloading, customer clearance, and delivering to Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market, so as to bring the fresh tastes of “fresh like being just picked from the tree” to the residents in the Greater Bay Area.

The cherry is a fruit requiring for highest logistic timeliness. In order to improve the cherry logistics timeliness as high as possible, Guangzhou Port Group Co., Ltd. organized a special working group to coordinate the shipping company, the import forwarder, the customs broker, the trailer company and other related units to learn from the successful experience of last year and to arrange in detail each operation link. Besides, Guangzhou Port Hecheng Financing and Guarantee Co., Ltd. has issued an electronic Letter of Guarantee for Customs Duties valued 10 million yuan for the cherry customers, so as to realize online customs declaration and release under guarantee, which simplified the customer clearance process and improved the customs clearance efficiency, as well as alleviate the company’s pressure from occupation of fund.

According to Shanghai Ouheng Import & Export Co., Ltd., one of the biggest imported fruit logistics service provider, as the nearest port to Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market, Nansha Port stresses and strongly supports the fruit importing business, and their practical and pioneering style and their services strengthened our confidence and determination to do business in Nansha. This year, we have increased the proportion of the cherry importing business in Nansha, and will promote the import of more kinds of fruits through Nansha in the future.

In this special period of COVID-19 pandemic, Chile fruit industry has formulated Operation Manual for Prevention of SARS CoV-2 Corona Virus in Field, Wrapping and Processing Facilities to strictly implement the prevention measures from each link including harvesting, selecting, wrapping and transportation, so as to bring the delicious fruit to consumers on the premise of ensuring safety first. It is estimated that 316 thousand tons of Chile cherries will be exported in the current year, with an increase of 38.3% over the previous years.  

Following this cherry express, another 6 Chile cherry express ships will arrive at the Nansha Port before the 2021 Chinese New Year. Both the ship quantity and container quantity of cherry express arriving in Nansha in the current year will grow substantially over the previous year. It is estimated that more than 1000 containers of cherries will be imported through Nansha Port. Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port will continue to consolidate the cooperation between each logistics links, so as to bring to the residents the higher-quality cherries imported by sea at a more favorable price.(Text by Lu Liang,Picture by Lu Yiyong)