ZIM’s Australian Route C2A Makes Its First Voyage to Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port

On December 15, 2020, as the “ZIM DALIAN” vessel successfully berthed in the Nansha Port Area, ZIM’s Australian route C2A made its first voyage to Nansha successfully.

The C2A route is exclusively operated by ZIM, with 6 vessels with a capacity of 2200 TEU put into operation, and the order of its ports of call is: Laem Chabang - Ho Chi Minh - Nansha - Yantian - Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane - Laem Chabang. The route provides direct import and export services from Nansha to Thailand, Vietnam and Australia, so that the import from Laem Chabang to Nansha only needs 3 days, and the export from Nansha to Sydney only needs 12 days, creating a short-distance, low-cost and high-efficiency logistics channel for customers in the Pearl River Delta, Southeast Asia and Australia.
The opening of the China Australia 2nd Express (C2A) has further enriched the trade channels for the enterprises in the Pearl River Delta to travel between Southeast Asia and Australia, and promoted the stable development of the trade markets of the two places. The fast shipping schedule of the route provides more options for local e-commerce exporters, expands the import market in the hinterland of Nansha Port Area, and promotes the local import of Australian fruits and frozen meat and Southeast Asian timber, food and fruits, which will facilitate the consumption upgrade in the western Pearl River region. (Mo Zonghui)