The Parallel Imported Vehicle Market in South China Was Reopened, and the Customs Clearance of the First Batch of National VI Models Was Completed at Nansha Automobile Terminal (Picture)

On August 17, the first batch of Range Rover parallel imported vehicles that meet the National VI emission standards drove out of the Nansha Automobile Terminal and completed customs clearance smoothly. The parallel imported vehicle market in South China was reopened.

Parallel imported vehicles are called parallel trade imported vehicles in full. They refer to vehicles purchased by traders from overseas markets and imported into the Chinese market for sale without the authorization of brand manufacturers. Due to the different places of import, they are divided into “U.S. version vehicles”, “Middle East version vehicles”, “Canadian version vehicles” and “European version vehicles” to distinguish from the “Chinese version vehicles” sold through authorized channels. Since July last year, due to the reform of national standards, parallel imported vehicles have ushered in a long period of stagnation. With the strong support of the government, ports, customs and other departments, Nansha Automobile Terminal and related enterprises actively coordinate and work together to pay attention to the latest situation of parallel imported vehicles and try every means to solve the problem. The smooth customs clearance and sales of the first batch of National VI parallel imported vehicles at Nansha Automobile Terminal are of great significance to the parallel imported vehicle industry in South China. (Text by Zhou Ting, Picture by Luo Jiahui)