Nansha Port Area Ushered in Two New Foreign Trade Routes

Recently, Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port has ushered in the maiden voyage of Jinjiang Shipping’s Japan Route and Zhonggu Shipping's Haiphong Route CV2, which will provide customers with more direct services to Japan and Vietnam.

The maiden voyage of Jinjiang Shipping's direct route to Japan is launched, serving the coordinated development of the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta

On August 24, the liner “MILD JAZZ” successfully called at Nansha Port Area Phase I Terminal, which was the first voyage of the Japan Route operated by Jinjiang Shipping to Nansha Port Area. Three 1100 TEU container ships are put into the route. The ships berth at Nansha on Monday, and the order of the calling ports is Tokyo – Yokohama – Taicang – Shanghai – Xiamen - Hong Kong – Haiphong – Nansha - Hong Kong – Shanghai – Taicang - Tokyo.

It is reported that Jinjiang Shipping currently mainly operates the container liner transportation between East Asia, Southeast Asia and the two sides of the Strait, and continues to expand and improve the marketing system at home and abroad. Under the background that the customers in the hinterland generally face the logistics difficult situation of “hard to get the cabin and container”, Nansha Port Area relies on the comprehensive advantages of vicinity to the hinterland of cargo sources, high operating efficiency, and excellent business environment, cooperates with Jinjiang Shipping to provide customers with South China-Japan direct service, improves the coordinated development of high-quality integration of the Pearl River Delta-Yangtze River Delta, and provides fast and convenient maritime transportation channels for import and export enterprises in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Zhonggu Shipping launched the first foreign trade route in South China, and the containers can be picked up and returned in many places

On August 28, as the ship “Xin Hai Xiu” berthed at the Nansha Phase III Terminal, Zhonggu Shipping's first foreign trade route in South China - Haiphong Route CV2 was successfully launched. A 529TEU ship is put into the route and operates weekly, and the order of the calling ports is Nansha – Shekou – Haiphong - Nansha.

This route can make full use of the advantages of the collaborative work of the domestic and foreign trade of Nansha Phase III and Zhonggu Shipping. With a complete barge and road transportation network, it covers the main cargo sources hinterland in South China, such as Huangpu Port, GCT, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Foshan, ensuring adequate supply of berths and containers, and realizing pickup and return of containers in many places. It connects to the inland areas through the ports in South China, closely linking the domestic trade logistics chain and the foreign trade logistics chain, and providing customers with better logistics solutions. (Gu Lixin, Huang Xudong, Fu Kai)