MOL Export Route Succeeded in Making its Maiden Voyage to Nansha Automobile Terminal (Picture)

On September 6, MOL (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines) “Orchid” Vessel was successfully berthed at Nansha Automobile Terminal of Guangzhou Port, and slowly dropped its ramp, and 1,397 Changan commercial vehicles were loaded at the forefront of the terminal for export. It becomes the second shipping company which launches the foreign trade ro-ro route in Nansha this year, which further enriches the foreign trade ro-ro route network of Guangzhou Port.

According to statistics, since the ro-ro export route was officially launched in December last year, nearly 15,000 commercial vehicles have been exported through Nansha Automobile Terminal. The MOL’s launch of a foreign trade route in Nansha will provide domestic OEMs with more shipping spaces for exports to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. The models cover cars, construction machinery vehicles, etc., some of which arrive at the terminal via “Guangzhou-Chongqing and Guangzhou-Anhui Train Lines” through the sea-rail combined transport mode. While completing large-scale and high-efficiency port operations, the terminal has realized seamless connection and efficient coordination in all aspects of logistics.

In recent years, with the strong support of the government and port units, Nansha Automobile Terminal of Guangzhou Port and export companies have worked together to actively cope with the epidemic, respond to the country’s new development pattern requirements of domestic and international dual-cycle strategy, strive to overcome the impact of automobile chip shortages, vigorously expand the automobile export business, focus on Nansha-Middle East export routes, and actively introduce shipping companies to launch ro-ro routes.

In order to better serve the enterprises, Nansha Customs has established a “package” customs clearance service mechanism to realize one-stop consultation and the window of all-round answering questions service for the enterprises at, which provides 24-hour reservation service for the customs clearance, and guides the export enterprises to declare in advance to maximumly reduce the customs clearance time. While performing well in the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control work, Nansha Customs has implemented priority arrangements, gives priority berthing and priority operations for the ro-ro ships which are calling at Nansha Automobile Terminal, and taken the measure of “immediate inspection upon arrival of ships”, so as to build a solid line of defense for epidemic prevention and control together with the terminal. (Text by Zou Jingqi, Mo Haozun, Picture by Ye Bingyan)