Optimized and Upgraded! Xiaolan-Nansha WGO Quality Branch Line Operates Regularly (Picture)

Recently, the Xiaolan-Nansha WGO barge branch line loaded with the home appliances goods from Zhongshan area arrived at Nansha Port Area, successfully completed its maiden voyage after the upgrade of the branch line. The originally irregular branch line service is optimized and upgraded into a regular one, which will further enrich the import and export logistics paths of the foreign trade enterprises and alleviate the logistics difficulties of the enterprises.

The WGO (Water Gate Operation) model is adopted. It is centered on the hub port - Nansha Port Area, radiates to small and medium-sized hinterland terminals, and provides hinterland customers with a logistics mode of import and export via the hub port through barge transportation, which gives full play to the advantages of large waterway transportation capacity and low cost, reduces customer costs, relieves the pressure on road transportation, reduces carbon emissions, and promotes the green development of shipping. The optimized and upgraded Xiaolan Port-Nansha Port WGO quality branch line will operate on a fixed barge schedule every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the schedule can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs to meet customer logistics needs and reduce customer logistics costs.

It is reported that the current shipping difficulties such as “lack of containers” and “shortage of space” have caused great troubles for the import and export enterprises. The Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port is guided by the customer needs, gives play to the advantages of the network of foreign trade liner routes and “shuttle bus” barge branch lines, formulates WGO barge logistics plans for customers. Combined with land transportation, it ensures the smooth logistics of goods entering and leaving the Nansha hub port in the “last mile”, and ensures that the import and export goods are smoothly connected to liners and ships in Nansha Port Area. As of now, Nansha Port Area has 131 foreign trade liner routes and 72 “shuttle bus” barge branch lines. Its superior location and route advantages will accelerate the formation of a logistics service network featuring the connection of trunk and branch lines and river-sea combined transportation, so as to build a coordinated and efficient collection and distribution system, ensure the stability and smoothness of the international supply chain, and help stabilize the development of foreign trade. (Zeng Xuemin, Xiao Fengen)