Nansha Ushered in Its First Ro/Ro Export Route to Europe (Picture)


Recently, 700 commodity vehicles were carried by the NYK “Garnett Leader” ro/ro ship from Nansha Automobile Terminal of Guangzhou Port and exported to Norway, Russia and other European countries. This is the first ro/ro export route of Nansha to Europe, and it is also the first large-scale ro/ro export of new energy vehicles via Nansha, which have a positive meaning for further enriching the foreign trade ro/ro route network of Group and providing more OEMs with efficient and convenient ro/ro export services.

Since the second half of last year, in the face of new market situations such as repeated recurrence of the epidemic at home and abroad, tight supply of auto parts, and rapid development of vehicle export business, Guangzhou Port has been actively adjusting its marketing strategy and focusing on the source of foreign trade exports based on customer needs. With the strong support of the port units and the promotion of relevant policies in Nansha District, Guangzhou Port has been giving full play to the advantages of the integrated operation of Nansha Automobile Terminal, and for the foreign trade business, providing “priority arrangement, priority berthing, priority operation”. At the same time, Nansha Customs, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Customs, has established a “package” customs clearance service mechanism to realize “one-stop inquiry for customers and all-round answering questions at windows”, provides 24-hour reserved customs clearance services, guides export companies to “declare in advance” and carries out “immediate inspection upon arrival of the ship” for ro/ro ships docking at Nansha Automobile Terminal to maximize the efficiency of customs clearance.

With high-quality and efficient handling services and convenient customs clearance environment, Nansha Automobile Terminal have successively attracted K-LINE, NYK, MOL and other ro/ro shipping companies to launch Nansha export routes. At the same time, Guangzhou Port has been active in exploring and implementing rail-sea combined transportation, river-sea combined transportation and other whole-process logistics services models, and built a commodity vehicle collection and distribution system integrating road, rail and water transportation. With joint efforts from top to bottom and multiple measures, it has ensured smooth and efficient operation of commodity vehicle logistics, and realized the rapid development of the ro/ro export business. Up to now, the ro/ro foreign trade exports of Guangzhou Port have increased by more than 190% on a year-on-year basis. More than 10 vehicle brands have been exported through Guangzhou Port, involving cars, large vehicles, construction machinery vehicles, etc. In addition, the routes cover Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and many other countries and regions. (Text by Liu Xiya, Lu Runsheng, Picture by Luo Jiahui)