A New Direct Route to the Middle East Persian Gulf Is Added in Nansha Port Area (Picture)

Recently, as the "KOTA KAMIL" vessel successfully called at the Nansha Phase III Container Terminal of Guangzhou Port, the brand-new Middle East Persian Gulf route GCS officially made its maiden voyage to Nansha Port.

The GCS route is jointly operated by four shipping companies, PIL, RCL, CUL and KMTC, with six container ships put into operation for the route. The order of the calling ports is as follows: Ningbo – Nansha – Shekou – Jebel Ali – Dammam – Ningbo. This route provides the fastest direct service from Nansha to Jebel Ali and Dammam, and it only takes 15 days and 17 days to export to Jebel Ali and Dammam respectively. (Text by Liu Wobin, Picture by Chen Qingcai)