Guo Yonghang Advocates in Nansha Port Area Making Every Effort to Build an International Shipping Center (Picture)

On the afternoon of December 31, 2021, Guo Yonghang, deputy secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the acting mayor of Guangzhou, went to Nansha District for the inspection of work safety, COVID-19 prevention and control and regional planning and construction, joined by Lu Yixian, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the Secretary of Nansha District Committee. Li Yibo, Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of Guangzhou Port Group, gave a work report at the Nansha Port Phase II Terminal.
At the Terminal, Guo Yonghang inspected the work safety and COVID-19 prevention and control, and asked about the details of port construction. In the Nansha Planning Exhibition Hall, he learned about the development history, planning and construction of Nansha District as well as the performance in the reform to delegate power, improve regulation and improve services, in the technological innovation and also economic and social developments thereof. 
Guo Yonghang emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions, fully implement the new development concept, scientifically plan and solidly promote the high-quality development of Nansha, and actively participate in the global competition with a vigorous and promising attitude. Cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and neighboring areas shall be strengthened, so as to build the Nansha demonstration zone for comprehensive cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. A high level of reform and opening up shall be promoted to strengthen institutional innovation in the Free Trade Zone and create a first-class business environment. For the high-standard construction of Nansha Tech Town, such large scientific devices as the cold spring ecosystem shall be adopted, so as to strengthen the industrial layout, promote the transformation of technological achievements and accelerate the clustering of innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises. In addition, we shall make the port more intelligent, improve the port industry in advantage of sea-rail transport, highly develop port and shipping services, and make every effort to build an international shipping center.
As required by Guo, an enterprise shall bear the main responsibilities for work safe by strengthening the management of sources of danger, improving relevant rules and regulations and specifying the work safe responsibility of every post and every worker. We shall spare no efforts for the ongoing prevention and control of COVID-19. The management of personnel in key posts, such as port personnel, shall be strengthened, so as to build a firm line of defence against imported cases. (Source: Portal of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government)