Huangpu Company Transports COVID-19 Prevention and Control Supplies to Hong Kong Safely and Efficiently

Recently, five containers loaded with COVID-19 prevention and control supplies for Hong Kong were successfully loaded on the barge “Nangang 18” bound for Hong Kong and Macao at Huangpu Old Port. These supplies will help Hong Kong compatriots in their battle against COVID-19.

It is reported that these COVID-19 prevention and control supplies are 491 sets of manual sickbeds donated by China Resources Charitable Fund to the Social Welfare Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. On the same day, Huangpu Company of Guangzhou Port Group immediately reported to the relevant office of Huangpu Old Port Customs after receiving the information of supplies shipment, and took the HK-specific green channel during customs clearance as instructed by the Guangzhou Port Authority. After the containers were checked by the machine, the Customs Inspection Section II of Huangpu Old Port immediately conducted manual inspection and released this batch of supplies. The Ship Customs Clearance Section gave detailed answers for the wharf-related questions to facilitate the loading of containers.

In terms of on-site operation, the Dispatching Center of Huangpu Company communicated with the agent in advance about the arrival time of barge, and reserved berths, operators and machine. After the berthing of “Nangang 18”, special personnel were appointed to follow up the loading progress and coordinate the on-site operation. With the joint efforts and efficient cooperation of all parties, containers were successfully loaded in only half an hour. (Kuang Qichang and Zhang Qi)