Successful Loading and Unloading of 1,482 TEUs on “Lizhou Jiehai” Ship at Nansha Phase IV Terminal Through Fully Automated Test Process (Picture)

Recently, Nansha Phase IV Terminal of Guangzhou Port successfully completed the loading and unloading of 1,481 TEUs on the “Lizhou Jiehai” Ship through the fully automated test process.
The 146.8-meter-long “Lizhou Jiehai” Ship was berthed at Berth No.17 in Nansha Port Area. A total of 4 bridge cranes, 14 rail-mounted gantry cranes and 42 IGVs were put into automatic operation. It discharged 681 TEUs of loaded containers and loaded 800 TEUs of empty containers, and completed at 02:00 a.m. on March 11. The smooth loading and unloading of the ship has laid a solid foundation for the normalized operation of Nansha Phase IV Fully Automated Terminal. In the follow-up, Nansha Phase IV Terminal will arrange the operations of loading and unloading container ships one after another, and comprehensively promote the full-process test operation of the automatic loading and unloading system.
It is learned that Guangzhou Port Authority, Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration and relevant other agencies have given strong support and clear guidance in the handling of berthing procedures and the organization of test operations, which has provided a solid guarantee for the smooth berthing of the first ship in full-process test this year. Nansha Phase IV project team has attached great importance to it and worked together with a proper division of labor to carry out many on-site inspections, carefully plan the berthing, loading and unloading process and develop emergency and safeguard measures to make full preparations for ship berthing, loading and unloading.
As a key project in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, Nansha Phase IV Project plans to build two 100,000-ton container berths and two 50,000-ton container berths (with the hydraulic structures being designed and constructed for the berthing of 100,000-ton container ships) as well as twelve 2,000-ton barge berths and four working ship berths, with a total length of 2,644 meters and a design annual throughput of 4.9 million TEUs. Up to now, the terminal structure construction of four ship berths and five barge berths has been completed, and Berths 1 and 2 of ship Terminal have passed the acceptance checks. (Text by Liu Jie; Picture by Liang Guanming)