32895 Tons! Xingang Company Set a Record for the Largest Export Shipment of Aluminum Ingots since the Opening of the Port in 1975 (Picture)

Recently, Xingang Company successfully completed the shipment of 32,895 tons of aluminum ingots for the “Zhehai 505” Ship, which is the Company’s largest single-ship export of aluminum ingots since the opening of the port in 1975. The entire operation process was safe, orderly, and the epidemic prevention was stable, which achieved the operation schedule requirements and was fully affirmed by the client.

It is learned that there are 35,223 packages of aluminum ingots in this batch, with a total of 14 bills. And there are two kinds of packaging: block and bundle, with different specifications. It takes at least 30 days for the collection of the cargo by truck at the port. The inclined position and triangular position of Compartments 1 and 5 of “Zhehai 505” Ship increase the difficulty of loading and put forward higher requirements for reinforcement. Due to the large volume of cargo, about 7 layers need to be stacked in each compartment. The forklift can basically only stack two layers at a time, so steel plates have to be continuously laid to elevate forklifts for loading operation.

In the face of difficulties, Xingang Company strengthened innovation and adopted a number of targeted measures to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation.

"Three innovations": Firstly, the second floor of the tool warehouse in the terminal (the original closed-loop management place) was used as a centralized rest point for the reinforcement personnel, which solved the problem of closed-loop management of reinforcement personnel. Secondly, about 8,000 tons of aluminum ingots were directly loaded from trucks to the ship, which solved the problem of insufficient storage space. Thirdly, excavators were used to load the ship, which solved the problem of difficult operation of forklifts due to the large inclined position of Compartments 1 and 5 of the ship.

"Four preparations in advance": Firstly, prepare 40 steel plates for the lower hold in advance (which can meet the simultaneous operation of 4 holds). Secondly, prepare 9 forklifts with 3-ton and 6-ton and 2 excavators in advance to ensure that the five compartments of the ship can be loaded at the same time while taking into account the mechanical capacity of the yard. Thirdly, conduct training on Knowledge on Port Safety and Epidemic Prevention and Port Management Requirements and Precautions for external reinforcement personnel in advance to ensure their safety in the port area. Fourthly, prepare balers in advance to reinforce the loose bundles and poorly packaged aluminum ingots before loading, so as to avoid the potential safety hazard of cargo falling from the ship.

"Five delicacy management items": Firstly, communicate with the captain of the port (the loading supervisor responsible for the loading of the ship) and the reinforcement personnel on each shift regarding the loading requirements of the ship, so as to make the coordination between ship loading and reinforcement more close and achieve efficient ship loading. Secondly, evaluate the production priorities of the terminal every day and night, scientifically and rationally allocate the use of front-line personnel and machines, and guarantee aluminum ingot loading operation in an orderly manner. Thirdly, require front-line management personnel on each shift to be on board to provide guidance and solve the problem of loading. Fourthly, use one trailer to tow 2-3 flatbed trailers cyclically to solve the problem of insufficient drivers. Fifthly, use forklifts (excavators) to load the 4-sided lower hold first, and then use portal cranes for direct loading at the compartment inlet, which greatly improves the shipping efficiency. (Text by Chen Wei)