Guangzhou Port, Hisense Group and SITC International Join Hands to Build a Global Supply Chain Channel (Picture)

On June 14, Huang Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Guangzhou Port Group, led a team to Qingdao, and got together with the relevant leaders of Hisense Group and SITC International in Hisense Plaza. After reaching a three-party strategic cooperation consensus, they hold a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. By deepening cooperation in the supply chain field, they will build a smoother logistics channel for Chinese manufacturing to serve domestic and foreign markets and Chinese brands to enjoy a global reputation.

Zheng Lingtang, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd., Fang Xueyu, Executive Vice President of Hisense International Marketing, and Lai Zhiyong, President of SITC Logistics Group, signed the agreement on behalf of their companies. Huang Bo, General Manager of Guangzhou Port Group, Lin Lan, Chairman of Hisense Group, Jia Shaoqian, President of Hisense Group, Yang Shaopeng, Chairman of SITC International and other leaders witnessed the signing.

Hisense is an outstanding representative of China's national industry, with many brands such as Hisense, Kelon, Rongsheng, Toshiba TV, gorenje, ASKO and Vidda well-known all over the world. It has factories in Jiangmen and Foshan in the west of the Pearl River Delta. The Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port, as the only deep-water container terminal in the west of the Pearl River Delta, has the shortest logistics route to the hinterland of the source of goods in the west of the Pearl River Delta, with the shortest collection and distribution time, and the lowest comprehensive logistics cost. Since Hisense selected the Nansha Port Area in 2016, its container throughput in the port has increased year by year, saving considerable logistics costs and expenses for the company.

SITC International is a leading shipping and logistics company in Asia, with outstanding performance in the routes to Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. SITC has a long history of cooperation with Hisense and Guangzhou Port. Its routes in Nansha Port Area have been continuously enriched, and its container throughput has maintained an annual growth rate of 50%. Its South China strategy has accelerated the growth of foreign trade liner routes and container volume in the Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port, providing a more reliable guarantee for the export of Hisense products through Nansha.

The strategic cooperation reached by the three parties realized the strong-strong alliance of the port, shipping and manufacturing companies. Guangzhou Port will give full play to the advantages of port resources and provide high-quality, efficient, convenient and economical integrated port logistics services for Hisense and SITC in terms of port handling, sea-rail multimodal transport, logistics warehousing, and combined ports with Nansha Port as the hub; SITC will take advantage of its liner routes, sea-rail multimodal transport and supply chain resources to launch more products in Nansha Port to provide stable shipping schedules, space guarantee and high-quality supply chain services for the export of Hisense products. The three parties will work together to build a more efficient, convenient and economical global supply chain channel, and make greater contributions to promoting the stability and improvement of China’s foreign trade, advancing domestic and international dual cycles, and strengthening the ability to independently control the supply chain. (Chen Wei)