Indonesian Route CIS Makes Its Maiden Voyage to Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port (Picture)

Recently, the Liner "MTT SAMALAJU" successfully berthed at the Nansha Phase II Terminal, marking the official maiden voyage route CIS to the Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port. It will further expand the trade channels for enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region to/from Indonesia, and provide high-quality and convenient shipping and logistics services for customers.

This route features short voyage, stable schedule, high efficiency and sufficient space. The ships are jointly dispatched by Meratus Line and Bengl Tiger Line, and the space is shared by Koryo Shipping, Chun Kyung Shipping and Namsung Shipping. Every Sunday, the ship calls at Nansha. After goods loading, it only takes 5 days from Nansha to Jakarta to ensure the arrival of customer goods at the destination in the shortest time.

It is learned that factories in the Pearl River Delta Region have a large demand for raw materials from Indonesia. Meanwhile, Indonesia imports household appliances, building materials, and small and medium-sized commodities from China so that the two countries have close trade exchanges. The Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port is located in the geometric center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. And it is the main hub of shipping and logistics in the Pearl River Delta region. Featuring low comprehensive transportation cost, short transportation route, high terminal operation efficiency, and good port business environment, it provides a high-quality trading platform for customers, and has become the only port of call for the Indonesian Route CIS in South China. (Text by Lu Yiyong, Picture by Zhang Zhiwen)