Completion Acceptance of the Civil Work of the Phase II Silo Project of the Grain and General Cargo Terminal in Nansha Port Area

Recently, the civil work completion acceptance meeting of the Phase II silo project of the Grain and General Cargo Terminal in Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port was held in Nansha. As concluded in the meeting, the civil work of the Phase II silo project meets the requirements of the design and technical specifications, and the project quality is reliable. According to the relevant provisions of the acceptance measures, the completed civil work has passed the completion acceptance check as it meets the operation requirements.

The construction of the Phase II silo project, with a total floor area of 58,871.36, a total designed storage capacity of 409,000 tons and a total investment of about RMB 910,000,000, was started on December 20, 2018. As it included various construction contents, had a wide coverage, involved many specialties and was subject to many cross-interferences, the construction contractor prepared a reasonable and feasible construction management plan, and compiled 23 special construction plans, 6 of which were verified by experts, which provided a guiding basis for the smooth implementation of the project.

During the implementation of the project, each entity participating in the construction set up a special management organization staffed with professionals to take responsibility for the construction management and organization work of the project throughout the process. Especially in the Group C slip-form construction of the silos, the personnel of each participating entity worked hard for 18 days, monitored the slip-form concrete pouring in shifts 24 hours a day, and finally completed the entire project safely and smoothly. This project was rated as excellent by Guangzhou Nansha District Construction Work Quality and Safety Supervision Station.

The completion and operation of the Phase II silo project has increased the total storage capacity of Nansha Grain and General Cargo Terminal to 1.06 million tons and released the production capacity of the terminal gradually, with two indicators exceeding half of the target values of the Grain and General Cargo Co., Ltd. in terms of grain production in the first half of 2022.

It is reported that the construction of the Phase III silo project will start in the second half of this year and end in 2025. By then, the total storage capacity of Nansha Grain and General Cargo Terminal will reach 1.7 million tons, and its annual grain throughput will reach 27.1 million tons. (Zhong Jianwan and Xiao Yifei)