Haijia Automobile Terminal of Guangzhou Port Ushers in Its First Foreign Trade Ship(Picture)

Recently, as "Oregon Express", a ship of K-LINE', slowly docked at Berth 2 of Nansha Automobile Port, Haijia Automobile Terminal ushered in the first foreign trade ro-ro ship after its obtaining the qualification for port opening-up, and 4,000 domestic brand commercial vehicles would start a sea journey of more than 20 days from here and be exported to foreign markets, setting a new record for the single-ship loading quantity of single-brand commercial vehicles at Nansha Automobile Port.

To ensure the smooth berthing of the ship, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Port Authority, Nansha District, Nansha Customs, Maritime Affairs, Frontier Inspection, Pilot Station and relevant departments, together with the terminal and agencies, formulated a single-ship guarantee plan to clarify all aspects such as the epidemic prevention and control, ship plan, export declaration, inspection and quarantine, so as to fully prepare for the berthing of the first foreign trade ship at Haijia Automobile Terminal.

It is reported that on July 22 this year, Haijia Automobile Terminal of Guangzhou Port was officially opened to the world, making it the first terminal in Guangzhou open to the world after the State Council issued the Overall Plan of Guangzhou Nansha for Deepening Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Cooperation Facing the World. With the opening-up of Haijia Automobile Terminal, Nansha Automobile Port now has 5 berths available. Guangzhou Port, which enjoys excellent foreign trade advantages, is constantly attracting world-renowned ro-ro shipping companies to register and open new routes, and an automotive service industry chain covering automobile logistics and distribution, exhibitions and sales, maintenance, financial services has been initially established.

In order to support the continuous development of Nansha automobile exports and to help domestic automobiles “go overseas” efficiently and conveniently, Nansha Automobile Terminal, under the guidance of Nansha Customs, has set up the first vehicle export supervision warehouse in South China. As the vehicles have been transported to the Nansha Automobile Terminal, they will first enter the export supervision warehouse after being declared, and will be stored in a bonded form, and wait for space based on the shipping schedules, which improves the logistics aggregation speed of companies, reduces labor costs, allows companies to be more flexible in their export plans, eases the problem of inadequate space, improves the turnover rate of exported vehicles, and achieves the optimal matching between ships and berths. In addition, through the establishment of a “package” customs clearance service mechanism, 24-hour customs clearance service by appointment (all-round Q&A at the window for companies' queries) has been realized to guide export companies to “declare in advance”, and “immediate check upon arrival” is implemented for ro-ro ships docking at the Nansha Automobile Port to maximize the efficiency of customs clearance.

So far, Nansha's foreign trade ro-ro route network has covered many countries and regions such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, etc. (Text by Bao Zi'an, Picture by Zhang Qian)