The First Professional Supervision Warehouse for Automobiles Export in South China Settled in Nansha (Photo)

53 GS8 Medium-sized SUVs of GAC Motor successfully completed bonded storage in the supervision warehouse for export at Nansha Automobile Terminal of Guangzhou Port in recent days, completed export formalities 10 days in advance, and sailed for export to countries in Middle East by the Olympia Express, a roll-on-roll-off ship, marking the official opening of the first professional supervision warehouse for automobiles export in South China.

It is reported that Nansha Automobile Terminal of Guangzhou Port formally applied to Nansha Customs for supervision warehouse for automobile export in May this year. Registration of supervision warehouse for export was successfully completed in July within just over two months thanks to the strong support of Nansha District Bureau of Commerce and Nansha Customs. Industry insiders pointed out that the successful implementation of the Nansha Export Supervision Warehouse Project just proved the practices of the service concept of "Supporting and Benefiting Enterprises; Making the Greatest Efforts, Fast and Efficiently" by Guangzhou Customs and Nansha Customs, which is conducive to further enhancing Nansha Vehicle Export Business Model, realizing the bonded storage for vehicle export, improving the supporting service function of Nansha Vehicle Terminal for vehicle export, and providing export distribution service with better quality and more convenience.

"Supervision Warehouse for Export” refers to a special customs supervision warehouse which is established with the approval of the customs to store the goods that have gone through the export formalities, and provides services of bonded logistics, distribution, and circulating value-added service. Vehicles for export can directly be declared and transported to the warehouse, and the inspection and release procedures are completed in the warehouse after the operation of supervision warehouse for export of Nansha Automobile Terminal, effectively reducing the time and cost of domestic transportation. The 24-hour advance customs clearance service and customs clearance facilitation measures, such as "Timely Coordination between Ships and Service Staff, and Fast Response in Inspection” of roll-on-roll-off ship, effectively improve the processures of customs clearance of automobile export in Nansha," said Jiang Wubin, Chief of Administrative Service Section of Nansha Customs.

It is reported that domestic vehicle exports have been continuously affected by global epidemic, and supply of export logistics and transportation resources are under great pressure. With the help of the supervision warehouse for export of Nansha Automobile Terminal, vehicles can be bonded through the supervision warehouse for export, finishing the domestic customs export formalities in advance, and then they will be loaded after the ship arrives at port. Compared to previous mode of declaration export upon ships' arrival, the warehouse can better mitigate the effect of ship's cabins and berthing time on the export vehicle, and help shipping companies to plan route reasonably and arrange cabins in advance. In addition, the warehouse also eases the problem of tight logistics transportation of vehicle enterprises, improves turnover rate of vehicle export, allows shipping companies to make full use of existing transport capacity and increases operation efficiency. Nansha Automobile Terminal of Guangzhou Port will give full play to the institutional advantages of the supervision warehouse for customs export, and promote the "Bonded Export" mode for vehicles at Nansha Automobile Terminal. (Text by Lu Runsheng, Luo Jiahui, and staff from Nansha Customs; Photo by Luo Jiahui)