Two-way Trains of “Guangzhou Port-Guiyang International Land Port” Marks A Economic Channel Connecting Guizhou, Guangdong (Picture)

Recently, witnessed by the central leaders of Guangdong and Guizhou, a container train loaded with daily chemicals slowly departed from Nansha Port South Station of Guangzhou Port and headed to Guiyang International Port in Guizhou. At the same time, the train from Guiyang International Port to Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port also departed from the opposite direction, marking that the two-way trains between Guangzhou Port and Guiyang International Land Port are officially launched, which adds a new international logistics and transportation channel between Guangzhou and Guizhou. The channel will accelerate the development of the two-way economic circulation between Guangzhou and Guizhou, further facilitate the “flow of goods between Guangdong and Guizhou”, and promote the deep integration of transportation, logistics, commerce and industry of the two provinces.

It is reported that the goods transported by the two-way trains in the Guangdong-Guizhou Channel this time are daily chemicals produced in Guangdong, and tires and other goods exported from Guizhou to Europe and America, the goods on each train worth around RMB 3 million. Departing from Nansha Port and Guiyang International Port at the same time, with a total journey of 1,200 kilometers, the trains are expected to run for about 48 hours before their arrival at Guiyang International Land Port and Guangzhou Nansha Port respectively. The trains realize the "terminal-to-terminal" transportation of containers in the whole process, with no need for secondary unpacking inspection midway, which saves time and logistics costs, guarantees product quality, and effectively enhances the competitiveness of Guizhou enterprises in the international market. "Thanks to the Guizhou-Guangdong train, about RMB 20 million can be saved in logistics costs for Guizhou enterprises every year," said Zhou Jiqiang, General Manager of Guizhou Multimodal Transportation Industry Development Co., Ltd.

The successful launch of the “Guangzhou Port-Guiyang International Land Port" two-way trains marks a practical act taken by Guangdong and Guizhou to implement the Opinions of the State Council on Supporting Guizhou to Break New Paths in the Large-scale Development of the Western Region in the New Era and Overall Plan of Guangzhou Nansha for Deepening Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Cooperation Facing the World. This line will facilitate the strategic connection between the Gangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the large-scale development of the western region in the new era, and seamlessly connect to Guangzhou Port with 154 international container liner routes covering the world through railways, which will open up a new South China door for Guizhou, and form a good landscape of regional coordinated development, synergistic development and common development.

In recent years, Guangzhou Port has strengthened its function as a "dual cycle" hub. With the goal of "Basing on Guangzhou, Serving Guangdong, and Connecting Inland” Guangzhou Port gives full play to its superior geographical location, excellent business environment and abundant foreign trade liner routes of Nansha Port Area, along with the advantage of Nansha Port South Station with railways seamlessly connecting to the port areas. Guangzhou Port, focusing on business sectors such as freight forwarding, international trade, logistics and warehousing and supply chain finance, has strengthened the extension of the entire ecological industry chain, and further optimized the "station-to-station" and "door-to-door" full-process customized service. With multimodal transport as a bridge, Guangzhou Port will take a characteristic road of high-quality service for the construction of National Logistics Hub of Guangzhou Port. (Text by Zou Jingqi and Cai Jibo, Picture by Li Yumin and Zhu Junkun)