Successful Launching of the Sea-Rail Transport Steel Container Train from Hunan Zhuzhou to Guangzhou Nansha Port (Photo)

Recently, a special train loaded with the first batch of 20 containers of exported steel slowly arrived at Nansha Port Railway South Station. The cargo will be loaded at the Container Terminal of Nansha Port Area Phase II, Guangzhou Port and exported to Laem Chabang Port, Thailand. This is the first "Sea-Rail Transport" steel container train for Nansha Port South Station. Guangzhou Port integrates shipping, railway and other logistics to facilitate the efficient export of inland bulk goods through the innovative sea-rail transport which "puts steels in containers".

The export goods include steel bars, steel plates, etc. produced in Hunan. For the first time, 20-foot containers are used to load steel products instead of the traditional mode of loading steel products with trucks. Compared with the traditional method of adopting road transport followed by port loading for export, the current container train transport mode enables to reduce the inland transport cost by nearly 60%, increase the transport volume with safer and cheaper logistics.

The train is operated by Hunan-Guangdong-Africa International Logistics Co., Ltd., which is invested and established by Guangzhou Port Logistics Co., Ltd. The company, through close cooperation with OOCL Logistics and other shipping companies, extends the liner routes and port functions of Nansha Port Area to Zhuzhou, Hengyang and other inland areas, realizing close links among Hunan, Africa, Asia-Pacific Area, Latin America and other regions and countries, so as to provide "End-to-End" "Hinterland-to-Hinterland" one-stop logistics services for the vast number of import and export customers in Hunan and neighboring areas. It is reported that in order to ensure the smooth delivery of the train, Guangzhou Railway Group has provided strong support for the delivery of steel container trains in terms of cargo loading safety, truck scheduling, etc.

The first Hunan-Guangdong-Africa Sea-Rail Transport Train was officially launched on September 15, 2021. By the end of September 2022, a total numner of 13,606 TEUs loaded by 166 trains were shipped through the Hunan-Guangdong-Africa Sea-Rail Transport. Since the opening and operation of Nansha Port Railway, Guangzhou Port Logistics Company has deepened its cooperation with foreign trade shipping companies to provide the full-process and customized "Station-to-Station" and "Door-to-Door" services for the vast number of inland customers. The combined transport acts as a tool for providing high-quality services to support the construction of Guangzhou as a port-based national logistics hub in a characteristic way. (Text by Cheng Cheng and Peng Guangze)