A Visit of the Delegation Led by Song Yuhui, Director of the Port and Shipping Branch of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau (Photo)

Recently, a delegation led by Song Yuhui, Director of the Port and Shipping Branch of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, has visited Guangzhou Port Group. Li Yibo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guangzhou Port Group, met guests at the port center. The two sides made deep communications on port and shipping security, shipping development and transportation and firefighting.

According to Song Yuhui, Guangzhou Port Group, as the leader of the port industry, has a positive impact on the stable development of Guangzhou’s economy. Port and Shipping Branch keeps in touch with Guangzhou Port Group as a good foundation for cooperation, effectively promoting the development environment and harmony stability of the port and shipping. Port and Shipping Branch will, based on the actual development, make every effort to defend the port’s security and stability, protecting the development and construction of port and shipping.

Li Yibo extended a warm welcome to Song Yuhui and his delegation, expressed his appreciation to the long-term support of Port and Shipping Branch, and introduced Guangzhou port’s long history, business development and the layout and construction of the ports in Guangdong Province. As said by him, Guangzhou Port Group will give full play to the “revolution” function of the ports, deepen exchange and cooperation with Port and Shipping Branch and promote the port linkage mechanism to create a good development environment of the port and shipping as a joint contribution to Guangzhou’s economic development.

Qu Songrong, First-level Senior Police Chief of the Port and Shipping Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, members of the leading group of Port and Shipping Branch, Su Xingwang, Vice President of Guangzhou Port Group, and personnel of relevant departments of both sides joined the meeting. (Text by Qu Hongjian; Photo by Huang Yong’an)