EUKOR Red Sea Route Made its Maiden Voyage to Nansha Automobile Port of Guangzhou Port (Picture)

Recently, with the festive and propitious atmosphere of the New Year, Nansha Automobile Port of Guangzhou Port welcomed the maiden voyage of the EUKOR Red Sea International Route. The “Morning Peace” Ship, carrying 1,418 commodity vehicles, set sail directly along the Red Sea route to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, an important node of the "the Belt and Road Initiative". This means that a new route is added to the ro/ro export routes of Guangzhou Port, further expanding its route network and enriching cabin resources.

It is reported that EUKOR, a ro/ro shipping company operated by Wallenius Wilhelmsen, has carried out international ro/ro shipping business since 2002, with its routes covering Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and Australia, providing high-quality and efficient shipping services for a number of automobile brands around the world. As the largest ro/ro terminal cluster in China, Nansha Automobile Port of Guangzhou Port is composed of Nansha Automobile Terminal, Haijia Terminal and Jinyang Terminal. It has 7 special berths of more than 10,000 DWT for ro/ro vehicles, 1.8 km terminal shoreline, and nearly 1.6 million square meters of commodity vehicle yard. Haijia Terminal was opened on July 22, 2021, and Jinyang Terminal was formally opened on November 22, 2022 after the completion acceptance.

The export operation included 1,418 commodity vehicles, covering Chevrolet, MG and other brands. In order to complete the operation smoothly and efficiently, the operation team of the Nansha Automobile Port of Guangzhou Port adhered to their posts and carefully planned the berthing arrangement, yard preparation, port collection and dispatching, loading and binding and other processes. Meanwhile, Guangzhou Port Authority, the customs, the maritime affairs department, the border inspection department and other joint inspection units provided high-quality services for this operation, achieved efficient inspection and release, and fully guaranteed the smooth and orderly export operation during the festival.

According to the statistics, Guangzhou Port exported more than 200,000 ro/ro commodity vehicles in 2022, of which Nansha Automobile Port exported more than 100,000 vehicles, an increase of 322.8% year on year. (Liang Jianxiao)