Maoming GZP Terminal Embraces 100,000-ton Foreign Trade Grain Ship for the First Time (Photo)

On February 3rd, “Manny”, a 100,000-ton foreign trade grain ship successfully anchored at berth 2 of Maoming GZP Terminal. This is the first time that a 100,000-ton bulk cargo ship anchored successfully since the port opened in March 2019. This ship is also the largest tonnage bulk cargo ship that has anchored in Maoming.

It is reported that “Manny” is 229.50 meters long, 36.92 meters wide, and 92500 tons deadweight, respectively rewriting the three records of the length, width, and the load of the anchored ship at Bohe New Port, Maoming Harbor. To ensure the security of the ship’s berthing, the port paid great attention to it and actively communicated with Maoming Maritime Administration and pilot station, making sound entry scheme in advance. During that day, the dock planner and berthing director well prepared, kept in close touch with the pilot, and “Manny” successfully berthed at berth 2 with the assistance of a tugboat.
According to the ship operation schedule, “Manny” was planned to unload 26,000 tons of foreign trade corn. Since it was approved as the designated supervision spot of imported grain by the General Administration of Customs in June 2022, Maoming GZP Terminal has held strict check on the cargo’s quality, constantly improve the grain handling capacity and service quality, making the import grain business develop rapidly and become the main force of increment of the grain handling. In January of this year, it has achieved an increase of 91.2% in grain handling compared with same period of the previous year, realizing a “good start” of the new year’s production.
In recent years, Maoming GZP Terminal’s cargo handling capacity has constantly increased with a high speed, and the variety of supply of goods has been continuously enriched, gradually forging an industrial chain of grain, raw materials, energy and other port-based industries. It has promoted many renowned companies to settle around the dock, such as Daodaoquan Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Hongshi Cement Co., Ltd. In the future, with the completion and operation of Phase Ⅱ project, Maoming GZP Terminal will further give full play to the pivotal role of investment attraction, better serve port-based industries and promote the development of regional economy. (Lin Shengzhan, Zhu Bin)