Xinsha Company Saw A Year-on-year Increase of 10.55% in Cargo Throughput in the First Quarter (Picture)

Since the beginning of this year, Xinsha Company has been actively engaged in the high-quality development of the port, with a year-on-year increase of 10.55% in cargo throughput in the first quarter. With a year-on -year increase of 36.9% in the coal for foreign trade, and 46.1% in the unloading volume of iron ore, it successfully completed production task indicators.

Do a good job in coal mine marketing

Xinsha Company actively visits customers, understands market conditions, coordinates port collection and distribution and cargo supply guarantee issues, optimizes production resource allocation, scientifically arranges ship berthing and unloading, shortens ship stopping time at the port, and continuously improves port service quality and customer satisfaction. In the first quarter, the coal for foreign trade increased by 36.9%, the terminal cargo sources increased by 75%, and the unloading volume of iron ore increased by 46.1% respectively on a year-on-year basis.

Expand capacity and tap potential to smooth the food supply chain

Seizing the capacity expansion opportunity of Xinsha Port Phase II, Xinsha Company focuses on expanding its grain business. While stabilizing the existing sources of goods, it increases the promotion of port capacity, actively introduces new customers and sources of goods, formulates systematic service plans, and improves unloading efficiency to enhance customer satisfaction. Its grain unloading volume in the first quarter saw a year-on-year increase of 32.5%, effectively ensuring the security of the grain supply chain in South China.

A year-on-year increase of 100% in export volume of commodity vehicles

In the first quarter, the export market of self-owned brand vehicles performed well, with a strong growth trend. Xinsha Company's cumulative vehicle export volume has doubled on a year-on-year basis this year. In February, a new record was registered for the single batch shipment volume of commodity vehicles for export. At the same time, the export vehicles gathered by railway at the port have increased by 60% compared to last year, and the sources of goods from the inland hinterland have formed an agglomeration effect in the Xinsha Port Area, thus promoting the development of the sea-rail intermodal transportation business and improving its quality and efficiency.

Eye-catching achievements in foreign trade container business

Since the beginning of this year, Xinsha Company has focuses on high-quality development, made efforts to stabilize the development of the foreign trade container business, actively cultivated shipping routes, enriched business formats, and optimized the business environment, achieving a year-on-year increase of 11.2% in the unloading volume of foreign trade containers in the first quarter. In March of this year, Xinsha Company obtained the timber inspection site qualification, allowing direct inspection and release of goods such as timber and boards at the site, which saves customers' logistics costs and plays a positive role in stabilizing shipping routes. Xinsha Company has resumed its refrigerated dangerous goods container business, with only 24 hours from unloading to release. Its efficient port environment provides customers with a convenient and green business channel. (Text by Yang Xiaonan, and Su Jieyu, picture by Feng Weifeng, and Qiu Jinghui)