Xiaohu Terminal Receives and Unloads First Shipment of “High-temperature Road Asphalt” (Picture)

Recently, the “Haishunyou 63” ship carrying high-temperature road asphalt docked at Guangzhou Xiaohu Petrochemical Terminal, and after 18 hours of operation, the asphalt was successfully unloaded to the T-0203 storage tank in Yuanheng Tank Farm. So far, Xiaohu Terminal has added a new type of goods - high-temperature road asphalt, making it the first terminal in South China to directly receive and unload large asphalt ships.

It is learned that the asphalt industry in South China is affected by the loading, unloading and storage capacity of the terminals, and most asphalt ships are limited to 10,000 DWTs in carrying capacity, with low transportation efficiency and high cost, which is far from meeting the market demand.
Xiaohu Terminal, located in the largest petrochemical commercial depot in South China, can receive and unload 100,000 DWT ships for oil and chemical products. The mid-term modification works of the asphalt storage and transportation project of Guangzhou Circle Storage Co., Ltd. behind the terminal was completed and delivered in April this year, with a storage capacity of more than 50,000 cubic meters, which can meet the needs of various customers for storage and vehicle and ship delivery. It has obvious advantages in carrying out  loadin and  unloading, storagasphalte and trade business, which is conducive to reducing the cost of transportation and storage for customers.
To ensure the smooth receiving and unloading of the road asphalt this time, Xiaohu Terminal made arrangements in advance, comprehensively optimized the pipelines in the storage area of the terminal, and formulated the “Road Asphalt Operation Procedure” and emergency plans. In view of the features of high freezing point, high viscosity and high density of the cargo, and in combination with previous receiving and unloading experience, the terminal closely communicated with the cargo owner and the ship owner, developed a complete operation plan, maintained the unloading equipment in advance, and repeatedly checked the operation process. Eventually, with the full cooperation of various departments of Xiaohu Terminal, the task of receiving and unloading the first ship carrying road asphalt - “Haishunyou 63” was completed safely and efficiently. (Text by Wang Gang and Rong Jie)