Leaders of Guangzhou Port Group Conducted a Survey on the Smart and Green Terminal Development of Liangtong Company (Picture)

Recently, Li Yibo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guangzhou Port Group, visited Liangtong Company for an on-site survey on the sewage treatment station, Phase III of the silo project, expanded terminal, business center, etc., listened to the work progress of production and operation, green port, smart port, construction of key projects, and the next work plan of Liangtong Company, and conducted an in-depth survey on the work difficulties in the development process.

Li Yibo fully acknowledged the achievements made by Liangtong Company in production and operation, technological innovation, and construction of key projects, and put forward the following five work requirements:
The first one is to ensure the steady development of production and operation, and contribute to the high-quality development of the group. Deeply tap into business potential, continue to make efforts in new business and market development, and further enrich the goods source structure; utilize the advantages of port and railway platforms, optimize production organization and operational processes, and achieve further improvement in port efficiency and economic benefits. Standardize internal management, strictly prevent production and operation risks, effectively improve the level of standardized management, and safeguard the high-quality development of enterprises.
The second one is to accelerate the construction of key port projects and enhance the level of port shipping hubs. Systematically plan to enhance the capacity of the port area, scientifically and efficiently promote the construction of projects such as Phase III of the Silo Project and the grain transportation system project outside the port, and create favorable conditions for business expansion and layout optimization. Continuously improve the comprehensive logistics network, focus on building the capacity of “containerized transportation of bulk”, enhance the function of near-port logistics services, and shoulder responsibilities and make achievements in enhancing the function of the international shipping logistics hub.
The third one is to promote smart, green, and low-carbon transformation, and deeply implement the national “dual carbon” strategy. Seek projects and development with a long-term perspective, promote work innovation with positive thinking, broaden thinking, and seek a scientific and pragmatic development path. Create efficiency with wisdom, improve production efficiency through digital transformation, and build an automated and intelligent bulk cargo terminal benchmark. Improve quality through green means, focus on building green and environmental pilot projects of Guangzhou Port, actively carry out the optimization and improvement of port capacity and appearance, and brighten the green background of high-quality development.
The fourth one is to strengthen humanistic care and effectively consolidate the joint efforts for enterprise development. Put people first, focus on the urgent needs and problems of employees, solidly promote the improvement of their quality of life, warm their hearts with tangible actions, and promote and deepen the construction of a happy and harmonious enterprise.
The fifth one is to consolidate the bottom line of production safety and maintain a stable situation in this regard. Define the main responsibility for safety production, conduct in-depth investigation and rectification of safety production hazards, ensure the construction and development are safe, stable and controllable in various fields, and provide a solid guarantee for sustainable development.
Ma Chujiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd., Zhu Shaobing, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd., Feng Hongde, Assistant General Manager of the Group, relevant departments and offices of the headquarters, and relevant personnel from Liangtong Company participated in the survey. (Text by Ni Yue and Wan Bailing, Picture by Xie Kunlin)