1.5 Million! Nansha Phase IV Fully Automatic Terminal Submits Its First “Year-end Report”(Picture)

On December 18, 2023, as the 1.5 millionth container was securely loaded onto the "Dafeng Port Hairong" ship, Nansha Phase IV completed a container throughput of 1.5 million TEUs in its first year since it started operation, surpassing the production and operational tasks set by the group by 13 days. It presented an impressive "year-end report," leveraging remarkable achievements to accelerate, enhance and optimize Nansha's efforts in building a high-level gateway for openness.

Party Construction Enables Stable Operation of the Automatic Terminal

Throughout this year, Nansha Phase IV targeted annual goals, channeling the energy and motivation sparked by thematic education into a powerful force for overcoming challenges and entrepreneurial endeavors. Party organizations at various levels were dedicated to expediting the completion and approval of the automatic terminal as well as the kick-off of operations. They conducted in-depth work on the construction of demonstrative Party organization featured by "Five Strengths and Five Measures", the establishment of the Smart Port as a Party construction brand and the third-level action "Leading Pioneer" initiative. Party organizations at all levels, along with the majority of party members, exerted concerted efforts, addressing key difficulties and bottlenecks in production and development and achieving key integration points between Party building and production & operation.

The General Party Branch of Nansha Phase IV was entitled as a Demonstrative Party Organization Featured by "Five Strengths and Five Measures" for Municipal Enterprises, which has facilitated the project (Phase I) completion acceptance and the obtainment of the Port Operation License, with various relevant tasks being orderly advanced; three new shipping routes were introduced this year, resulting in completion of over 300 vessel operations and a throughput growth of over 120% compared to last year; the autonomous development and online operation of the interoperable system with Nansha Phases I and II were accomplished, enabling data sharing and continuous enhancement of the automatic terminal's capacity.

Technologies Enable Stable Increase of Efficiency of the Entire Operation Process

To ensure smooth and efficient operation, Nansha Phase IV was committed to "actively setting a higher standard for automatic terminals". A dedicated team for technical optimization has been formed to devise the “One Center, Seven Platforms”, initiate a facial recognition system at the gate and build an operation contracting management system, so as to achieve smart control over the entire terminal area. 

Regular meetings on system optimization and improvement, database space growth, production operation topics and efficiency analysis of key vessel were held to consistently focus on the development, rectification and optimization progress of automatic information systems, so as to keep improving system stability and deep intelligentization. The terminal systematically analyzed and addressed issues and weaknesses at various stages of production operations, conducting stress tests and type-specific assessments, optimizing operational processes and addressing upgrades to equipment and facilities, gradually eliminating bottlenecks and obstacles in the production workflow.

This year, Nansha Phase IV completed over 30 optimization projects, including changes to the under-bridge operation channel, optimization of IGV intelligent scheduling methods and enhancement of the automatic stacking function for rail-mounted cranes. Through the "Han Yusong Innovation Workshop”, they optimized automatic equipment management and achieved more than 40 operational enhancements, including IGV positioning, speeding up and collision prevention, automatic container placement, pedestrian crossing speeding up, rainy day operations, shore crane automation and CPS system efficiency, resulting in improved overall equipment performance.

With enhanced equipment monitoring and management, the terminal achieved an impressive equipment integrity rate of 99.8%. Prioritizing technology for safety and efficiency, the terminal conducted 86 iterations and upgrades of the automatic information system, introducing over 100 major functions and achieving an impressive overall testing pass rate of 92.5%, marking a 5.9% improvement from the beginning of the year. Notably, the average vessel turnaround efficiency increased by 70.22%, and the average bridge turnaround efficiency rose by 15.47%.

Talents Enable to Enhance the Entrepreneurial Spirit Among Employees

Nansha Phase IV made great efforts to nurture specialized talents, optimizing the talent reserve and training system through such measures as quantifying annual assessment indicators, implementing differentiated incentives and facilitating technical backbone exchanges with other automatic terminals nationwide. 

The deepening of "mentor-mentee" model fostered a "growth mindset" among employees. Through responsibility lists and refined division of labor, communication, coordination and analysis skills for handling exceptional situations were developed for new employees. The Intelligent Operations Center established 60 mentor-mentee pairs, resulting in 52 individuals obtaining multiple operation and qualification certificates, and over 100 individuals undergoing self-training. Emphasizing achievements and fostering innovation, the "innovation mindset" among employees was stimulated through three labor skill contests. Among them, five individuals won top-six positions in the 2023 "Guangzhou Craftsmanship Cup" Drivers’ Remote Operation Skill Contest for Rail-mounted Cranes held by Guangzhou Port Group.

In the third phase of the "Encouraging Innovation, Taking Responsibility, Admitting Mistakes" initiative, practical support was provided to innovators, fostering a dynamic atmosphere of collaboration and learning. Throughout the year, the team secured two patents and two software copyrights, earning such awards as the first prize in China's port science and technology and the "Innovation Achievement Group" excellence award in the Guangzhou Workers' Invention and Innovation Contest. Recognized as a benchmark entity in the group's technology innovation, these achievements have enabled port transformation, service enhancement and green and high-quality development. (Test by Wu Danli and Song Andong | Picture by Photography Association)