New Record Made by Huangpu Stevedoring Branch Company in Handling Steel (Picture)

Recently, Huangpu Stevedoring Branch Company reported good results in production and operation, with steel unloading volume reaching the highest level in the past three years in January, a year-on-year increase of 182%, achieving a “good start” in the first month of the new year. In the new year, Huangpu Company has been working hard to improve operational efficiency and service quality, making breakthroughs continuously in production and operation.

Take the initiative to implement precise marketing and stabilize sources of goods
Huangpu Company has transformed from “waiting for business” to “proactively seeking business”. Through visits to the hinterland, communication and negotiation, it has learned from others’ strengths to make up its weaknesses, accelerated the renewal of existing business contracts, and actively expanded its market share while stabilizing existing sources of goods, striving to achieve new business breakthroughs. At the same time, it has actively promoted the supervision of Haifu Warehouse and leveraged its supervision advantages to guarantee the arrival of goods of core customers. A series of precise marketing measures have laid a solid foundation for the organization of steel supply in 2024.
Coordinate resources and tap potentials to promote production
Huangpu Company has attached importance to both external market and internal management, continuously optimized production organization, and connected the "last mile" of service between the port and customers. By analyzing the features of ship loading in advance, coordinating the berthing and disembarking plans of ships, balancing container and bulk cargo operations reasonably, and achieving sharing of gantry cranes, berths, trailers, stacking spaces and other resources, the smooth production of the entire production line has been ensured. It has adjusted and optimized the full contract model for labor service, so that labor companies allocate personnel scientificly, ensuring a relatively sufficient operating capacity for large ships for each shift, and providing strong support for steel unloading.
Jointly tackle difficulties and take multiple measures to ensure efficiency
Faced with the features of concentrated arrival of steel bulk carriers at the port, large workload and a variety of cargo types, Huangpu Company has expanded its service such as analyzing the key points and difficulties of each operation link, and making every effort to ensure service improvement and production guarantee. To ensure the quality of handover and delivery, it has strictly implemented the pre-unloading meeting system for individual ships with complex goods, ensuring that all production processes are closely connected, efficient and smooth, and achieving 100% fulfillment of ship operation plans. (Text by Liao Shuimu, and Lin Zhenzhong, Picture by Liu Guangqiang)