Port Location and Areas

Guangzhou Port is the main hub port for comprehensive transportation in China, as an important port for foreign trade in South China, and it is also regarded as an important transit port for energy supplies and raw materials in Guangdong Province. Located in the center of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou Port serves as the connection point between the inland river network of the Pearl River system and the deep-water harbors, and seamlessly connects with to China 's densest three-dimensional transportation network such as railways, high-speed railways, highways, aviation and inland rivers, with unique advantages in river-sea and sea-rail transportation.

Nansha Port Area, Xinsha Port Area and Huangpu Port Area are distributed from both sides of the Pearl River to the sea outlet, with sixty-two 10,000-tonnage berths, providing port logistics services for efficient and complete economic development in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong and even South China. Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. has established good cooperative relations with world-renowned shipping houses, such as Maersk, MSC, CMA, COSCO, and CSCL. Operating routes reach more than 400 ports in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, it has become an important part in the global logistics chain.

Nansha Port Area is a large-scale comprehensive port area in the Pearl River Delta region and the core port area for container transportation in the Guangzhou Port, as the only deep-water, specialized port area on the west bank of the Pearl River, accommodating ships of over 150,000 tons. Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. has effectively seized the major opportunities for the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and accelerated the construction of specialized, large-scale deep-water berths such as containers, ro-ro vehicles, and grain berths, taking Nansha Port Area as the core platform. The main terminal operating terminals include Nansha Container Terminal Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Nansha Grain and General Terminal, Nansha Automobile Terminal (Haijia Automobile Terminal), Xiaohu Petrochemical Terminal, Gangfa Petrochemical Terminal, as well as projects under construction such as Nansha Container Terminal Phase IV, Nansha Grain Terminal Expansion Project and Near-sea Terminal. There are totally 49 berths, at a total coastline length of over 10,000 meters, including 16 specialized container berths with a capacity of 150,000 tons, at an annual throughput capacity of 20 million TEUs, and an annual vehicle throughput capacity of over 1 million units. Under planning and construction, Nansha Port Area has filled the gap of Guangzhou Port in terms of large-scale container, grain, vehicle ro-ro and oil specialized deep-water berths, and has achieved a significant development from river port to sea port. 

Xinsha Port Area is located in Dongguan City, covering an area from Mayong Estuary in the Pearl River main stream to the east bank of the breakwater sluice section. As a comprehensive port area, it mainly operates transporting materials such as containers, coal, ore, grain and fertilizer.

Huangpu Port Area is located on both sides of the main stream of the Pearl River in Huangpu District, Guangzhou. It consists of the Huangpu Downtown Port Operating Area and Huangpu New Port Operating Area, including Huangpu Downtown Port Terminal, Huangpu Oil Depot Terminal, Xiji Coal Terminal and Xingang Terminal. It is mainly responsible for coastal and offshore container transportation and bulk cargo transportation, such as grain, coal, fertilizer and refined oil.