Inauguration Ceremony of Maoming Harbour Tugboat Co., Ltd. (Photo)

The recent inauguration of Maoming Harbour Tugboat Co., Ltd. has marked the official operation of the first tugboat service cooperation project outside Guangzhou Port. The Maoming port tugboat public service platform jointly created by Guangzhou Port Group and Maoming Port Group is designed for the extension of "Golden Towing" brand service of Guangzhou Port to western Guangdong, which is of great significance for further improving the public service capacity of Maoming Port and promoting Maoming's economic and social development.
It is understood that Maoming Guangzhou Port Terminal is the first 100,000-ton deep-water port in Maoming City jointly built by Guangzhou Port Group and Maoming Port Group. Since its opening on March 22, 2019, the cargo throughput had maintained rapid growth with continuously improved service quality, gradually forming the port industrial chain in grain, raw materials, energy and complete sets of equipment. With the rapid construction and development of the Terminal, the public service capacity of ports in Maoming, such as tugboats, needs to be improved urgently.
In order to further deepen cooperation and promote the high-quality development of Maoming Port, Maoming Harbour Tugboat Co., Ltd. co-established by Guangdong Ganghang Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Harbour Tugboat Co., Ltd. under Guangzhou Port Group, and Guangdong Maoming Binhai Port Co., Ltd. under Maoming Port Group was incorporated in Maoming Binhai New Area on April 26, 2023 and will be provided with two high-powered tugboats for the provision of large-scale ship berthing and ship fire monitoring services for Maoming Port.
In the future, with the improvement of Maoming Port's public service capacity, and the completion and commissioning of Maoming Guangzhou Port Terminal Phase II Project and Special Railway Line Project, Maoming Guangzhou Port Terminal will further play the role of attracting investment as a hub, with services covering Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi and other places, so as to build a modern comprehensive deep-water port to promote the agglomeration of port industries for better economic and social development of Maoming. (Text by Wei Zhongxiang, Su Ting and He Shaobo; Photo by Zhang Huayu)