Guangzhou Port's Leaders Conduct Research on the Development of Logistics Business (Picture)

On August 25, Li Yibo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guangzhou Port Group, led a team to conduct work research at the logistics company, where they listened to the production and operation status, the progress of key tasks, and the next work plan of the logistics company.
Li Yibo affirmed the achievements of the logistics company in production and operation, and proposed four work requirements:
The first is to unite and collaborate, benchmark the development goals of the “four first-class”, strengthen confidence, establish determination, build brands, accelerate the development into a leading logistics enterprise in the Greater Bay Area, continuously enhancing brand influence;
The second is to fully leverage the advantages of resources such as ports, railways, barges, trailers, and warehouses, improve the level of information technology services, focus on building a multimodal transportation hub in Nansha, improving market service capabilities;
The third is to adapt to the development of the market environment, vigorously develop the total logistics business, continuously improve the comprehensive logistics network and functions, do a good job in mechanism innovation and other management work, and promote the development of the main business;
The fourth is to give priority to quality and management, focus on building a bay area international consolidation center that radiates the Bay Area and connects with the world, endeavor to do a good job in the production and operation in the North and South areas, and provide protection for residents’ "meat basket", "fruit basket", and "vegetable basket".
Chen Hongwei, General Manager of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd., Li Mingzhong, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd., Feng Hongde, Assistant General Manager of Guangzhou Port Group, and Sun Bangcheng, Business Director of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. also participated in the research. (Text by Liu Yaqian, Picture by Fan Jinping)