Coal Transfer by Barge at Chaozhou Asia-Pacific Terminal to Ensure Coal Supply (Picture)

Recently, "Huaneng Shanyun 1" dump ship loaded with coal has departed from Chaozhou Asia-Pacific Terminal to Huaneng Shantou Power Plant for the coal transfer in the first cooperation of Chaozhou Asia-Pacific Terminal and Huaneng Shantou Power Plant.

It is learned that Chaozhou Asia-Pacific Terminal actively seeks cooperation with Huaneng Shantou Power Plant in coal transfer. The first batch of imported coal, totaling 68,000 tons, was transported to Chaozhou Asia-Pacific Terminal on August 23 by the "Alpha Melody" ship. After unloading into the yard and completing customs clearance procedures, it was transported to the Power Plant by the "Huaneng Shanyun 1" barge for self-unloading and evacuation of cargoes from port.
In order to ensure the smooth completion of this transfer, Chaozhou Asia-Pacific Terminal kept in touch with the customer. It tailored the loading process in consideration of the special type of dump ship and the difficulty in loading and barging. As a result, it efficiently completed the transferred coal loading operation for Huaneng Shantou Power Plant with good feedback from the customer, which laid a good foundation for the constant and stable development of the subsequent business.
Since this year, Chaozhou Asia-Pacific Terminal has played the role of port hub to accurately master the market changes, take the initiative to expand the supply of goods, constantly improve the loading and unloading technology and improve the operation efficiency, so as to greatly promote the high-quality development of regional economy and society. From January to August of this year, the throughput of foreign trade coal increased by 149% on a year-on-year basis. (Text by Lu Ruifeng and Hong Yan, Picture by Huang Zheyong)