The Ship "Xin Shun Hai" Called Firstly, with the Operating Efficiency Reaching a New High (Picture)

Recently, the ship "Xin Shun Hai" on the IC10 boutique route completed loading and unloading operations at the Nansha Phase I Terminal of Guangzhou Port, with an average operating efficiency of 192.8 units per hour, setting a new record for the operating efficiency of this type of ships in the Nansha Port Area.

The IC10 boutique route is operated by PANASIA, Antong, and Trawind in the manner of joint space, with direct services between Nansha and Tianjin, so the requirements for schedules and efficiency are extremely high. The ship "Xin Shun Hai" of Trawind officially joined the IC10 boutique route in May, and this is the first time that it has docked at the Nansha Phase I Terminal. To welcome the "new member", Nansha Phase I has made production arrangements in advance to guarantee operational resources, strengthened on-site production organization and scheduling to ensure smooth loading and unloading operations, and successfully completed the first docking operation of the ship with high quality and efficiency.
It is reported that the IC10 boutique route is the “Maritime Expressway-FAST” brand route jointly built by Guangzhou Port Group, Tianjin Port Group, Shanghai PANASIA, Quanzhou Antong, and Trawind Shipping. It leverages the synergistic effects of ship operation, shipping capacity guarantee, cargo marketing, and other aspects, complements each other's advantages in terms of port efficiency services, shipping service guarantee, logistics product extension and information technology to form a strong alliance, and takes the path of "chain enhancement, supplementation and extension" to accurately meet the personalized needs of north-south logistics and jointly promote the high-quality development of maritime logistics. (Text by Shen Hengzhou, Picture by Huang Chengju, and Huang Xudong)