75,000 Tons a Day! A New Record in Coal Unloading Efficiency (Picture)

Recently, with the last bucket of coal grabbed and unloaded from the "Maran Happiness" ship, the coal unloading efficiency of the Xinsha Terminal reached 75,000 tons/day, surpassing the previous record of 74,030 tons per day set on September 14, 2022, and reaching a new high.

It is reported that on the eve of berthing, Xinsha Company scientifically planned the "Maran Happiness" ship unloading plan, strengthened berth coordination and deployment in advance, and ensured the berthing of the liner by improving efficiency. It strengthened the control of the operation process, with on-site management personnel commanding on the front line and dedicated personnel on duty to ensure the attendance of machinery. It guaranteed the orderly operation of the process by ensuring the unloading through distribution and efficiently distributing the storage positions, reasonably allocated cabin clearing resources, ensured uninterrupted loading and unloading processes, released the maximum unloading capacity of the berth, and achieved a “safe, stable, and efficient” unloading process.
“We received the unlading assignment for this ship at the pre-shift meeting, and everyone put in their best effort. We didn’t stop work even during mealtime and ship change. Finally, we broke the record! " excitedly said the driver of the Coal Operation Department when recalling the experience of unloading the large ship.
Since the beginning of this year, Xinsha Company has focused on tapping the potential of its storage yard, and refining and optimizing its processes, honed its employees’ skills through competitions, boosted its enthusiasm through piece rate reform, taken multiple measures to cultivate a skilled, united and meticulous team, and improved the efficiency of coal cargo yard circulation and distribution port operations, and the level of port services. From January to September, the coal cargo handling capacity of Xinsha Company increased by 6.4% on a year-on-year basis.  (Luo Wenjie, Su Yue)