Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. and GAC International Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Jointly Build the South China Automotive Logistics Channel

Recently, Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. visited GAC International and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement at GAC Center. Both parties will fully leverage their respective resource advantages, carry out extensive cooperation, and work together towards a new journey of high-quality development.


Wei Haigang, General Manager of GAC International, and Song Xiaoming, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Port Group, attended the signing ceremony. Dai Binzheng, Deputy General Manager of GAC International, and Sun Bangcheng, Business Director of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.


During the event, both parties looked back on their close cooperation over the years, analyzed the challenges and opportunities in the automotive export logistics supply chain business under the new situation, and reached a consensus on fully leveraging their respective resource advantages to further deepen cooperation in the import and export of automobiles and spare parts, expand the scope of cooperation, and work together to build a smooth and convenient South China logistics channel for automotive exports to overseas markets.


GAC International expresses gratitude for the continuous support of Guangzhou Port, pointing out that the current automobile exports are in an important period of rapid development. It hopes to work together with Guangzhou Port, rely on related resources such as Nansha Automobile Terminal to deepen cooperation in Ro/Ro, container and other businesses, explore all-round and multi-field innovative cooperation in the upstream and downstream automobile logistics, achieve mutual benefit and a win-win situation, and promote the high-quality development of Guangzhou’s automobile export industry.


Guangzhou Port also expresses gratitude for the support and trust of GAC International. At present, Guangzhou Port is committed to promoting the construction of high-quality hub ports, actively building a convenient, efficient, stable and smooth sea-land two-way logistics channel connecting the world and radiating China, and building a comprehensive logistics service platform for automobile exports. At the same time, Guangzhou Port actively seizes the development opportunities of Guangzhou's automobile industry, takes the responsibility for connecting domestic automobile enterprises with overseas gateway hubs, continuously improves the passing capacity of automobile ports, fully utilizes key projects such as offshore ports, Xinsha Phase II and Nansha International Logistics Center, opens self-operated Ro/Ro routes to Hong Kong and Macao, accelerates the implementation of rail-sea intermodal transportation, river-sea intermodal transportation and other full logistics services, and helps Chinese automobile brands such as GAC better enter the global market, thus achieving mutual benefit and joint development.


The relevant departments of GAC International, the Production Business Department of Guangzhou Port Corporation, and relevant personnel in charge attended the signing ceremony. (Liu Xiya)