What are the advantages of Cherry Express direct to Nansha Port ?

The season to eat cherries is coming soon! Last year, Nansha Port successfully handled 4 sailings of Cherry Express from Evergreen and it only took 2.5 hours for the fastest containerized cherries to be unloaded from the vessel, customs released and delivered to the Jiangnan Fruit Market, which greatly benefited the citizens in South China. In order to give fruit customers more ideas about Nansha Port, Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. has held a Nansha Cherry Express promotion meeting in Shanghai recently. Such fruit exporters and importers as Prize, Rio King, Gesex, Dole, Gidding, Joy Wing Mau, River King and Fruta Cloud as well as Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) has participated.


Time saving is the greatest advantage of the Cherry Express direct to Nansha Port. Compared with Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Nansha Port is the closest port to the Jiangnan Fruit Market and only has 1.5 hours driving distance. Nansha Port will adopt a flexible preferential policy of free storage and free electricity to help customers save costs. And Nansha Customs will also provide efficient customs clearance services with measures as certificate pre-examination, “pre-declaration” and ship side distribution for imported fruits. Containers which do not need inspection can be immediately released after discharging and directly sent to Jiangnan Fruit Market, while containers which need inspection will be inspected and released on the same day. In addition, the Trucking Company Association of Nansha Port has announced that they will make every effort to support the cherry import in Nansha, guarantee trucking capacity supply in peak season and offer a stable and competitive trucking rate.


In the past, Hong Kong, as an international port, became the first stop for the Cherry Express to China by virtue of its customs clearance advantages. Nansha Port, however, has continuously improved its service efficiency and customs policies to provide efficient, reliable and economical logistic solution for the Cherry Express to the Chinese market. In addition, Guangzhou Nansha International Cold Chain Project has been topped out on June 28 this year. It is available with six 8-storyed cold storages with a capacity of 460,000 tons as the largest cold chain distribution center for imported fruits and frozen products in South China.