The National Consumption Promotion Month & Guangdong Automobile Consumption Festival Kicks Off in Guangzhou Port (Picture)

Recently, the launching ceremony of the 2023 National Consumption Promotion Month & Guangdong Automobile Consumption Festival (Spring) was successfully held at the Nansha Automobile Port of Guangzhou Port.
The event was jointly sponsored by the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province and the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, and organized by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the People's Government of Nansha District. It attracted the participation of representatives of various automobile manufacturers, and launched sales promotion programs for branded vehicles such as BYD, GAC Trumpchi, Hycan and GAC Toyota. Nansha Automobile Port of Guangzhou Port actively coordinated the C1 area of the terminal yard as the main venue of this event, and designated special personnel to introduce the business of Nansha Automobile Port and the production and supporting services of the terminal, providing a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the event.
Nansha Automobile Port is the largest and best quality professional Ro/Ro terminal in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and also the largest domestic trade Ro/Ro hub and the second largest port of parallel import cars in China. It is outstanding in terms of professional capacity of loading, unloading and stockpiling of commodity vehicles, with an annual throughput of more than 2 million vehicles. The construction and development of the port drive the automobile manufacturing industry to gather in Nansha, promote the development of the port-side industry, and advance Nansha to build an international comprehensive service hub for automobiles.
In recent years, with the continuous optimization of the business environment at the ports, Nansha Automobile Port has actively attracted new sources of goods, cultivated new routes, and improved service quality. The first professional export supervision warehouse for automobiles in South China has been established at Nansha Automobile Terminal, and the automobile import and export business has become an attractive business card of Nansha automobile industry. According to statistics, in 2022, Guangzhou Port exported more than 200,000 Ro/Ro commodity vehicles, of which Nansha Automobile Port exported more than 100,000 vehicles, an increase of 322.8% year on year. (Text by Zhu Pengfei, Luo Jiahui, Picture by Luo Jiahui)