RCEP New Route Only Takes 1.5 Days from Nansha Port Area to Haiphong (Picture)

Recently, “VICTORY VOYAGER” successfully called at Nansha Phase II Terminal, and the Japan-South Korea-Nansha-Vietnam Haiphong Line JKH officially made its maiden voyage to the Nansha Port Area of Guangzhou Port. The opening of the express line will further meet the needs of customers to import from and export to Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, and provide new route services, new destination port options, and more convenient and reliable port services.

Wan Hai has put 3 ships of about 1500TEU into the route, and the spare is shared by CNC and Interasia Lines. Every Saturday, the ship calls at Nansha, and the order of calling ports is Moji- Hakata-Ulsan-Busan-Kwangyang-Keelung-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong-Nansha-Haiphong-Qinzhou-Shekou-Xiamen. For export customers, JKH can go directly to Haiphong, Vietnam, and it is a point-to-point express line. It only takes 1.5 days to export from Nansha to Haiphong after loading. For import customers, there is another logistics route available for Japan and South Korea lines, enriching the coverage of the Nansha Port Area in the Northeast Asian route region. Nansha, as a crucial intermediate shipping node of this route, can ensure that Japanese goods reach the destination in the shortest time.

It is reported that this route not only enriches and improves the route network layout of the Nansha Port Area in Southeast Asia, but also unblocks the logistics channels with RCEP member countries, and increases the RCEP route coverage of the Nansha Port Area. Since the RCEP was official put into force, Guangzhou Port, on the basis of building a solid line of defense against the epidemic, has seized the opportunity of the RCEP to help shipping companies to add new routes and capacity in Nansha, and provided more RCEP route choices for customers in the hinterland. (Text by Wang Weiqiu, Picture by Lin Yaorong)