The First Hundred Thousand! New Breakthrough in Transport Volume of Nansha Port Railway in the First Year After Opening to Traffic (Photo)

The container train 86682 loaded with the 100,000th container slowly drove from Nansha Port South Station to Jiangmen at 14:00 on December 20, 2022, indicating that in the past 10 months since the opening of the entire Nansha Port Railway, the cumulative volume of sea-rail transport has exceeded 100,000 TEUs.

As the main force in the development of the sea-rail transport business of Guangzhou Port, Guangzhou Port Logistics Company focuses on the initial operation of Nansha Port Railway, focuses on the task and objectives, implements the channel cargo source organization, optimizes the operation of railway stations, expands the scale of sea-rail transport, and gradually improves the brand competitiveness of Guangzhou Port in terms of sea-rail transport.

Making Products and Providing Solutions

At the beginning of the year, the logistics company made every effort to strive for freight rate support and subsidy policies, create high-quality products for sea-rail transport in Nansha Port Area, and provide customers with high-quality and efficient logistics solutions in order to fully exert the railway collection and distribution function of Nansha Port and expand the rapid increase of container sea-rail transport business in Nansha Port Area.

The logistics company has successively applied for the railway tariff support policy covering the Pan Pearl River Delta region, and has been approved the support policy for Nansha Port South Station to go up to 74 terminals in 7 provinces and cities in the Pan Pearl River Delta region, including Guangdong, Hunan and Jiangxi; At the same time, it has successfully won the support of the provincial and municipal governments of Guangzhou, Ganzhou, Zhuzhou, Hengyang, Chongqing, Luzhou and Chengdu, successively issued special support policies for the sea-rail transport channel of Nansha Port, and provided efficient, convenient, and personalized services according to customer needs.

Building Channels and Laying Network

The logistics company continues to play its role as a logistics hub to ensure connectivity and smooth traffic, actively build channels, lay networks and optimize services, move the “Sea Port” of Guangzhou Port to the “Home Gate” of inland enterprises, and accelerate connectivity with Hunan, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Chongqing provinces through such sea-rail transport cooperation platforms as Sea-rail Company, “Chongqing-Guangzhou”, “Hunan-Guangdong-Africa” and “Guizhou Sea-railway Land Port”, open up the multimodal transport route of “Railway + Sea Transportation + International Inland Logistics”.

It is understood that Guangzhou Port and Guizhou Railway Investment Group signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Jointly Build Guiyang International Land Port on June 2, 2022 under the witness of the leaders of Guangdong and Guizhou Provinces; on August 27, 2022, a two-way train from the “Guiyang-Guangzhou Port” hub-to-hub will be launched to build a multi-modal transport network integrating highway, railway, river and sea, serve the “Guizhou Goods out of the Mountains” and “Guangdong Goods into Guizhou”, accelerate the development of a new two-way channel economy from Guizhou to Guangzhou Port, and drive regional coordinated development.

The train operation in Zhuzhou, Hengyang and Chenzhou in Hunan has been realized through the platform of Hunan and Guangdong, opening up a new channel for foreign trade of sea-rail transport for Hunan enterprises. It is expected to complete more than 10,000 TEUs in 2022; In Chongqing, the “Chongqing-Guangzhou” platform has completed the two-way debut of the “Guangzhou-Chongqing” sea-rail transport train, connecting the logistics supply chain between the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, and promoting the coordinated and combined development of South China, Southwest China and the Greater Bay Area.

Venturing Through Market and Attracting Goods

National freight logistics market has undergone a major challenge under the repeated impact of the COVID-19 since 2022. Enterprises in inland areas are facing the problem of ensuring supply and demand for logistics. Logistics Company closely communicates and coordinates with all Parties, focuses on market demand and problem orientation, pours efforts in expanding sources of goods such as China-Europe Railway Express, grain “Bulk into Container” and commodity cars, plans “Two-point One-line” transportation route for container freight, clarifies the “Micro Cycle” between railway stations and arriving cargo factories, focuses on breaking through the supply chain blockages, and takes a number of measures to speed up the passage of Railway Express, complete distribution network and improve logistics services, serving regional economic development with the firm steps of smoothing passage, stabilizing foreign trade and promoting development. It is estimated that China-Europe Railway Express will run 21 times throughout the year, and more than 500 thousand tons of grain “Bulk into Container” will be transferred.

Optimizing Organization and Improving Efficiency

Since the official operation of Nansha Port South Station in Guangzhou Port, Logistics Company has actively coordinated Nansha Phase II and Nansha Phase III to jointly promote integrated operation, fully exert the advantages of efficient transshipment of trailers in the terminal, further reducing the waiting time of trailers on site, improving the efficiency of container collection and delivery in the South Station yard, and achieving remarkable result of daily container operation volume exceeding 500 TEUs.

Container multimodal transport project of Guangzhou Port was successfully selected into the list of the fourth batch of national multimodal transport demonstration projects in 2022. The logistics resources were integrated through the trunk line of Nansha Port with the core of strengthening the road-rail/sea-rail linkage. The logistics company strengthened daily communication with Guangzhou Railway for dispatching and freight, and communication with Nansha Port Station, and made satisfying achievements in the organization of vehicle flow, container quality inspection and vehicle handover and delivery in Nansha Port South Station. At the same time, it made detailed responsibility allocation and implemented post responsibilities, grasped shipping plan in advance, coordinated and ensured the sufficiency of vehicles and trucks, and meet the customer’s shipping needs with the goal of “Fast Unloading, Fast Loading and Fast Shipment”. Statistics has shown that the average daily number of vehicles entering and leaving Nansha Port South Station increased by 8.8% month-on-month in November 2022. (Cai Jibo)