The "Hunan-Nansha Port-Klang Port" International Intermodal Train Service Operates Normally (Figure)

Recently, with the loud whistling, a train carrying 57 Geely auto parts containers slowly drove into Nansha Port South Station, which were loaded at Nansha Port and then shipped to Klang Port, Malaysia. The arrival and departure of these containers marked the start of the normal operation of the “Hunan-Nansha Port-Klang Port” international intermodal train service of Guangzhou Port.

It is reported that the “Hunan-Nansha Port-Klang Port” international intermodal train service operated as follows this time: empty containers were transferred from Nansha Port to Zhuzhou by railway. With Zhuzhou CRRC Logistics Special Line as the assembly point, the goods, after being packed in the Xiangtan factory of Geely, were transported to Nansha Port by the Hunan-Guangdong-Africa rail-sea intermodal train, and finally arrived at Klang Port, Malaysia. Meanwhile, Guangzhou Port Logistics Co. provided the “door-to-door” road-rail-sea transport logistics service from the inland factory to the overseas place of receipt.

In order to obtain the Geely Malaysia KD container transport project, Guangzhou Port Logistics Co. made overall arrangements in advance to facilitate the connection between inland stations and the factory, strived for the cooperation and support of the ship owner to guarantee containers and space, gave play to the advantages of the Hunan-Guangdong-Africa intermodal platform, integrated logistics resources, and saved logistics costs of the enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. After this batch of containers is shipped overseas, it is estimated that in 2023, more and more Geely auto parts will be exported via the “Hunan-Nansha Port-Klang Port” international intermodal train service of Guangzhou Port.

In recent years, Guangzhou Port Logistics Co. has actively responded to the call of China to vigorously develop multimodal transport during the “Fourteenth Five-year Plan”. With the Nansha Port Railway as the starting point, the 30 inland ports and offices in China as the basis, the well-developed route network of Guangzhou Port as the support, the mature multimodal transport system as the advantage, and the efficient and high-quality customs declaration service as the guarantee, Guangzhou Port Logistics Co. has increased its contact with inland foreign trade enterprises, given full play to port logistic distribution, expanded the radiation range of Guangzhou Port, forwarded functions of the port to the "doorway” of inland enterprises, and provided customers in hinterland with smooth, convenient, fully functional, professional, cost-effective, high-quality and all-around logistics brand services through the new rail-sea intermodal transport mode of “single entrustment + one bill to the end + one document for settlement”. (Xie Can and Gao Laichun)