Year-on-year Growth of 62.8%! Accelerated Green Development with Grain “Bulk-to-container Transport” in Guangzhou Port (Picture)

Beside the wharf warehouse and silo, buckets of grain are poured into containers, and then the containers head for the inland port destination by railway... This is the busy operation site of “water-to-railway” green transport of grain and the key work of Guangzhou Port this year and the new growth point of sea-rail transport. According to statistics, as of October 31, the operation volume of “bulk-to-container transport” in Guangzhou Port increased by 32.7% on a year-on-year basis, of which the grain “bulk-to-container transport” increased by 62.8% on a year-on-year basis.

Road-Port Cooperation to Create the Brand of “Sea-Rail Express Line”
Guangzhou Port Group and China Railway Guangzhou Group have in-depth exchanges and joint marketing and give full play to their respective resource advantages to jointly promote the “highway-to-railway transport” and “bulk-to-container transport” of bulk cargo. They go deep into the market to learn about customer needs, adopt flexible and effective marketing strategies, attract customers by means of personalized services and preferential quantity and extend the logistics supply chain. In addition, they invest in railway wide-body containers and dry bulk containers and extend the free container storage period for major railway freight stations, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers.
Meanwhile, they optimize the transportation organization mode, speed up the circulation of trucks, ensure the orderly connection of operation links, smooth the distribution channels through multi-party linkage, improve the service quality, and build the brand of “Sea-Rail Express Line” for grain in Guangzhou Port.
“Bulk-to-Container Transport” Improved by Technological Innovation
Guangzhou Port has continuously improved the port distribution system, optimized the technological process of grain “bulk-to-container transport”, upgraded and transformed the “large-flow” container loading equipment at Xinsha Terminal, Xingang Terminal and Nansha Grain Terminal to improve the container loading efficiency, with the daily container loading efficiency of up to 460 TEUs, so as to realize the standardized and large-scale container loading with grain bulk cargo, and lay a solid foundation for speeding up and increasing efficiency of grain “bulk-to-container” multimodal transport.
In advantage of the opening of Nansha Port Railway, Grain and General Cargo Terminal has focused on building the “bulk-to-container transport” ability, optimized and innovated the operation process, reinforcement methods and binding methods by configuring container storage and transfer sites and special machinery, so as to continuously improve the service quality and service efficiency. At present, five container loading operation lines can be opened simultaneously in grain silos, and the mobile container loading belt conveyor equipped for closing operations can effectively solve the problem of container loading in rainy days.
Leading Project to Ensure Green and Efficient Grain Distribution
By means of Huangpu Port Railway (Huangpu Station), Xingang Railway (Xiayuan Station), Nansha Port Railway and inland dry port resources, Guangzhou Port runs 13 “bulk-to-container transport” trains, such as “Guangzhou Port-Ganzhou” Train and “Guangzhou Port-Chenzhou/Zhuzhou” Train, so as to open up a green logistics channel from Guangzhou to inland areas and build a green and efficient collection and distribution network for grain “bulk-to-container transport”.
In order to promote the development of grain “bulk-to-container transport” in Nansha Port Area, the Leading Project of Grain and General Cargo Terminal implements the “123” working mode, i.e. anchoring the “1” goal of 40,000 TEUs of sea-rail transport, grasping the “2” directions of bulk cargo and groceries, smoothing the linkage among “3” parties including port, logistics and customers, and carries out the “Pioneer Assistance Team” activity to help the “bulk-to-container transport” operation team to effectively improve its service awareness and service ability.
From January to October of this year, the operation volume of grain “bulk-to-container transport” of Grain and General Cargo Terminal increased by 136.98% on a year-on-year basis, and the container volume of sea-rail transport exceeded 40,000 TEUs, thereby achieving the annual target ahead of schedule and effectively driving the rapid development of sea-rail transport in Guangzhou Port. (Text| Cheng Siqi, Li Xiaoxia  Picture | Cheng Siqi, Li Qijun)