Communicate Face to Face! Investors Enter Guangzhou Port (Picture)

On November 23, Guangzhou Port (Stock Code: 601228) held the 2023 "Investors Enter Guangzhou Port" Survey Activity, so as to further enhance communication with professional investors and accurately show the value of capital market. This is the third consecutive year to hold the "Investors Enter Guangzhou Port" Survey Activity by Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd.

Ding Bodong, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Listed Companies Association of Guangdong, and representatives of more than 40 securities, funds and institutional investors, shareholders and media including CITIC Securities, Huatai Securities, CICC Wealth Management, China Securities and Capital Securities attended the Survey Activity, accompanied by Chen Hongwei, General Manager of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd., Liang Jing, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd., and directors of relevant departments of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd.
Investors and guests who participated in the Survey Activity visited Nansha International Logistics Park and Nansha Port Container Terminal to enjoy the magnificent scene of port production and operation at close range; during discussion, the attendees from Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. communicated with investors and gave detailed answers to the questions raised by investors.
During discussion, Chen Hongwei gave greetings to the investors and guests, and introduced the development status and future vision of Guangzhou Port in detail. According to him, Guangzhou Port, with the overall goal of building a world-class strong port, seizes such major strategic opportunities as the implementation of Nansha Plan to continuously optimize the port function layout, accelerate the upgrading of shipping hub energy level and deeply integrate into global value chain and supply chain, so as to promote cooperation with port and shipping strategic partners, and promotes cross-regional resource integration and sharing with capital as a link to build an international port and shipping logistics hub.
In recent years, Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. has built a "three-type" (i.e. active, standardized and value-oriented) investor management model, improved corporate governance mechanism and innovated market value management means. It has timely disclosed information on production and operation, key projects, joint ventures and cooperation through its online performance briefing, conducted internal control system assessment, prepared social responsibility reports, etc., so as to continuously improve its corporate governance level and information disclosure quality. It has been granted the "Golden Quality Award for Listed Companies Governance" and "Excellent Practice Award for Performance Briefing" and entitled as one of the "Top 100 ESG Enterprises in China". (Text | Suo Yingxin, Chen Pingqin; Picture | Xiao Yifei)